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Journey into Permaculture - Vinson Corbo TRAILER, 27th March 2020
Grow with me!

Grow with me!

Welcome to Journey into Permaculture!

If you're tuning in as this episode posts, we will be able to journey into permaculture together as I have a newly acquired agricultural space.

I have plenty of permie experience by watching tons of youtube videos, getting a permaculture design certificate, reading and owning a bunch of books, as well as, building other's farms, and helping establish permaculture principles on others farms.

If you become a Patron, on Patreon.com/journeyintopermaculture you will be able to steer the show based on your interests and suggestions. I'm looking forward to highlighting what listers are also doing on their Journey into Permaculture, as well as mine.

Thanks for tuning in, see you there!