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Episode 111 - The Trial (Special Season 1 Bonus Episode)
Episode 11Bonus Episode28th February 2022 • Beyond the Belt: Adventures from the Outer Rim • Jason Nitsch
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In this special Season 1 Bonus episode, we'll head into the courtroom where the LT faces her most daunting task yet...proving her innocence and exposing the Project to the world! Approximate runtime 16 minutes.

Original story and music by Jason K. Nitsch

Originally released September 6, 2021

“LT” - Voiced by Tiffany Belzar

”Jess” - Voiced by Emma Harrop

Tribunal Judge - Voiced by Kevin Casey

JAG lawyer Mark Turner - Voiced by Chris Lynch

DSCM Prosecutor - Voiced by Adam Woolley

Dr. Robert West - Voiced by Allen Donnelly

Narrator - Voiced by Aizaac S.

Main Theme performed and recorded by the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, John Walton - conductor.