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What You Need to Do If You’re Ready for a New Future
Episode 1257th February 2023 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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What do you NEED to do if you're ready for a new future? It's simple, really. Tune in to this episode with Mark Santiago and his wingman Joey as they answer listener questions and bounce ideas and insights off each other that are guaranteed to turn you from being a victim into a VICTOR. Men need accountability to call us forward. High-performance people demand accountability, as that is the path to greatness. We know that already.

And so, Empowered AF is teaching you how to rebuild trust, fix your codependency, and learn to speak to her in a way that makes her feel safe – and YOU empowered! Only then are you ready for a new future. Mark and Joey teach us that joy is our strength and humility is our superpower as we break the cycle of past pain and live a life where we are bigger than our ego. Undergoing YOUR identity process starts now. 

In This Episode:

- What does calling your wife 'stupid' say about YOU?

- Why there's no independence in codependency

- What woman wants to be around a guy who is sad and depressed all the time? 

- You get to grow through what you go through

- Why ownership is a lifestyle

- Understanding that humility is preferring someone over you

- Learning to speak HER language

- Why you have to want change to become an empowered man

And much more…