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391 | Candy Valentino - Creating a Multi-Million Dollar Business at 19
Episode 3914th April 2022 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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Candy Valentino is a force to be reckoned with and this episode is a treat to all business owners, especially Mommy Millionaire listeners. Candy built her first multi-million dollar business at 19 with no degree, no corporate background, and no money. Sounds impossible, but she made it happen through successfully scaling and selling businesses in addition to creating a vast real estate portfolio.

She also has a non-profit charity where she has been actively involved for the last 16 years raising money. She has tons of accolades and in this interview, Candy gives us the blunt truth about the simplicity of earning money. She gives several actionable steps to take but the first is to simply get started. Be sure to listen to the end for an amazing opportunity to connect with Candy and get your amazing ideas implemented and on your way to the success and life you deserve.

You will learn:

  • [2:44] - There’s nothing that Candy did that was extraordinary. 
  • [3:54] - Candy shares the 4 questions to ask yourself that will set yourself apart.
  • [5:16] - Do what you are good at until you are good at what you want.
  • [7:00] - Social media makes things very confusing on what you should be doing.
  • [8:26] - Candy dove into real estate and people didn’t believe she could do it.
  • [10:41] - Too much information can blind you from focus.
  • [11:48] - What happens when you create instead of consume?
  • [12:36] - Turn off your distractions.
  • [13:52] - We have unimportant urgent things that steal our focus, but Candy has a productivity grid that keeps her focused on the next step.
  • [15:48] - What is habit stacking?
  • [16:42] - It takes 17 minutes to focus on one thing.
  • [17:50] - Chunk big goals into action steps.
  • [19:52] - Candy describes a huge event she hosted last year and how she was able to get big names to speak.
  • [22:54] - It takes time to make big connections, but business is super simple.
  • [24:29] - Why is integrity missing in so many businesses?
  • [27:32] - Be aware of the people who you keep around you.
  • [28:54] - Prove the doubters wrong with success and commitment.
  • [29:39] - The very first step is to start investing.
  • [31:56] - If you want to have a different result, you need to take a different path.
  • [34:55] - Are you willing to make sacrifices in the short term to have long-term growth?
  • [36:10] - Now is the best time to make 6 figures. What can you do?
  • [38:30] - You don’t need to do this perfectly. You just need to be better than you were yesterday.
  • [40:01] - Implement one thing, put it on an Instagram story, and tag both Cayla and Candy for a chance to win $1000 for your goals.

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