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Sales Success Secrets to Implement with Randi-Sue Deckard
Episode 12611th October 2023 • Transformed Sales • Wesleyne
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  • [00:50] - Transitioning from a clinical scientist to an accomplished executive and entrepreneur who is now a marketing, sales, and customer success executive at Besler.
  • [02:01] - The value of ally ship and mentorship for any sales professional.
  • [05:33] - Sales vs Science: How she decided to change the trajectory of her career to get into sales.
  • [11:13] - Empowerment as a tool to retain the sales people you hire.
  • [13:23] - Why it’s important to have playbooks, documentations, and processes for your sales team.
  • [16:43] - Taking a sales team from product-focused to customer-centric. 
  • [20:35] - How she successfully integrates and manages marketing, sales, and customer success departments.
  • [23:49] - Difficult experiences she has encountered as a woman in sales.
  • [27:38] - Advice for aspiring and new sales people: Network and connect with other sales professionals from the very beginning.

In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I interviewed Randi-Sue Deckard, a clinical scientist turned accomplished executive with an entrepreneurial mindset and extensive experience in developing and implementing transformational, customer-centric strategies designed to propel revenue, optimize operations, and enable rapid, sustainable organizational growth. She aligns high-performing teams with the corporate vision, forges value-add partnerships at all levels of the organization and delivers tactical roadmaps to unlock business value.

Randi-Sue shared her incredible career journey transitioning from a clinical scientist to an executive role at Besler, where she now heads marketing, sales, and customer success, why empowering salespeople helps retain talent, and the importance of sales teams evolving from a product-focused approach to a customer-centric one. She also shared insights on successfully integrating the marketing, sales, and customer success realms, and so much more. Tune in to the episode to learn more from her.


“Lean into the uncomfortable because that’s where the growth is” - Randi Sue Deckard

“Because I obsess about the customer and data, I think that’s what makes me good at sales” - Randi Sue Deckard

“Sales and science is not that far apart” - Randi Sue Deckard

“Sales is just a conversation” - Randi Sue Deckard

“Be customer obsessed” - Randi Sue Deckard

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