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From Dragon's Den to Green Dentistry: Dr. Simon Chard's Battle Against Plastic in Oral Care
Episode 31311th June 2024 • Business Without Bullsh-t • Oury Clark
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EP 313 - Simon is a leading UK cosmetic dentist and co-founder of the sustainable oral care brand PARLA, as seen on Dragon’s Den

We discuss PARLA's pioneering methods for reducing single-use plastics in dentistry with products like toothpaste tablets and plastic-free floss. We talk about the environmental impact of traditional oral care products, the intricacies of launching a sustainable business, and the hurdles faced by dentists and startups.

We also discuss the importance and strategies to manage stress and prevent burnout, and highlight the benefits of disconnecting from constant digital connectivity.

Simon also explains why greenwashing and gimmicks qualify for the big bin of bullsh*t.

Spotify Video Chapters:

00:00 BWB with Dr. Simon Chard

00:14 The Problem with Toothpaste Tubes

00:44 Introducing Perla: A Sustainable Solution

01:38 The Environmental Impact of Plastic

02:19 Innovative Oral Care Products

02:53 Challenges in the Oral Care Industry

07:19 Health Concerns and Ingredients in Toothpaste

11:07 Mental Health in Dentistry

13:30 The Dragon's Den Experience

15:35 Entrepreneurial Journey and Future Plans

34:52 Cosmetic Dentistry and Market Trends

37:27 Public Perception and Media Influence

39:41 The Dentist Stereotype in Media

40:37 Public Health and Dental Care

41:21 Children's Oral Health Crisis

42:08 Government's Role in Health Education

43:11 The Importance of Prevention

44:55 Personal Health Advice

48:10 The Role of Mentors

49:00 Challenges in the Food Industry

51:03 Greenwashing in Consumer Products

52:33 Quickfire Round - Getting To Know Simon

58:11 Mental Health in Startups

01:04:48 Business or Bullshit Game

01:14:02 Wrap Up

Simon's recommendations:

The Almanac of Naval Ravikant (book)

Unstressable - Mo Gowdat (book)

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