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Reliable PaaS Allows Customers (and Cloudnet Staff) to Do What They Love
Episode 525th November 2020 • Craft of Code • Linode
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In this episode, we spoke to Anders Brundin and Magnus Applequist, founders of Cloudnet, a web-hosting company based in Sweden. Even though you may often find Anders and Magnus snowboarding somewhere high in the Alps, retreating in the sun, or surfing on the shores of Spain, they balance that with providing premium hosting for business-critical websites and applications.

Companies looking for trouble-free experiences at a predictable cost turn to Cloudnet’s high-performing and reliable platform. The company focuses on making life easier for developers by providing managed hosting for WordPress, PHP, Node.js, Java, and Python. Cloudnet also provides exceptional customer service.

Cloudnet has a multicloud strategy that relies on Linode’s data centers in London, Frankfurt, and Newark to support its worldwide roster of website and application developers. In the service mix are Linodes, some Dedicated CPUs, and an occasional bit of load balancing.

So how is it possible for the Cloudnet team to provide exceptional service and still have lives outside of work?

Find out in this episode of Craft of Code.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • How Cloudnet makes life easier for developers
  • The service philosophy of Cloudnet
  • What Anders and Magnus value most in a cloud partner
  • How Linode helps Cloudnet better support their customers
  • Cloudnet’s secret behind maintaining a good work-life balance

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