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Tristan Ridley | From Bike Tourer to Bikepacker + Tips on Cycling the Middle East and Africa
Episode 3220th October 2019 • Bikepack Adventures Podcast • Chris Panasky
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In Episode 032 of Bike Tour Adventures, I have the chance to catch up with Tristan Ridley while he on a 100 country journey with the plan of cycling 100,000km. In this episode we talk about his original 13 month tour from New Zealand to the United Kingdom, his current tour, what he considers to be the best country for bike touring and what is the most dangerous country he has ridden in.

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Show Notes

~ 30 sec       Intro to episode and Tristan Ridley

~ 4m 30s     Disastrous first bike trip

~ 7m 30s     From hitchhiker to bike tourer; Cycling in New Zealand

~ 12 min      Cycling in Papua New Guinea; taking boats; almost sinking; getting dengue fever

~ 16m 30s   What bike he used for his first tour and about his setup and why he changed to a bikepacking setup for his 2nd tour

~ 22m 30s    Talking about allemansrätten (every man's right); favourite piece of equipment; why aero bars are under-rated

~ 32 min      Discussing his planned route for phase 2 of his tour - 100,000km and 100 countries

~ 34 min      Cycling in the Nordic countries; why Estonia is better than Thailand for first time bike tourers

~ 37m 30s    Cycling in Jordan (Petra and Wadi Rum); Going to Israel and not getting stamps

~ 42 min      Attempting to cycle in Sinai, Egypt; Problems with Egyptian police; avoiding the police escort and being robbed at gunpoint

~ 48m 30s    Discussing media bias and how it's not the reality for Sudan

~ 53 min      Fundraising to build schools in Kenya and Uganda with Build Africa; Why some African countries are completely dependent on charities; The importance of schools in African villages and towns

~ 1h 6m       Population density and why he doesn't like some countries as much as others

~ 1h 12m     Why Tristan loves Namibia; best countries in Africa for cycling; best country in terms of the people

~ 1h 16m     Tristan's planned route through the Americas

~ 1h 19m     Discussing burnout and road fatigue

~ 1h 22m     Talking about his bike setup and where he carries his gear; seat post bag vs rack bag

~ 1h 27m     How much longer he will be riding with Craig and why they probably won't continue together

~ 1h 29m     End of episode and what's next