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What to Ask: How to Learn What Customers Need, but Won't Tell You with Andrea Olson
Episode 9211th May 2022 • This Shit Works • Julie Brown
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​​Today we produce more data on a daily basis than ever before. We think that this data helps us make decisions - or influences why our customers make the decisions they do. But its not always the case. 95% of our decisions take place unconsciously - we make decisions based on emotion versus logic. 


When it comes to surveying our customers we are generally taught to ask open ended questions, and to extract, but the truth is traditional customer feedback methods ignore two essential sources of insight: context and behavior. Context and behavior reveal the WHY behind the WHAT, eliminating the ambiguity of open-ended customer feedback—and this requires a different approach.


Listen in as I talk with behavioral scientist Andrea Olson about her new book What to Ask: How to Learn What Customers Need But Won’t Tell You.


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