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Episode 1120th October 2022 • Devil's Trap: A Supernatural Podcast • Don't Be A Dick Productions
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Sam and Dean are in a mental hospital and we don't like it. Join us to talk about Supernatural, Season 5 Episode 11 "Sam Interrupted". Hear about the most emo of ghosts - the Wraiths.

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Season Five Episode 11



Diana: Welcome to this week's episode of Devil's Trap podcast. I'm Diana 

Liz: I am Liz, unless you're my Pilates teacher who thinks my name is Beth. 

Diana: Oh, so what have you been up to? 

Liz: What I enjoyed this weekend was the Winchesters. So I finally sat down and watched, oh my God, it's so good. It's so good. Diana can never watch it. Diana can watch it, but in 10 more seasons you have 10. 

Liz: Yeah. In 10 years from now you could watch it. But it was, I cried, I laughed. It was. So very excited. Lots of, and I'm gonna go have to rewatch it cuz there are apparently a lot of Easter eggs within that episode that predict how Dean is going to interact within that series. And having Jensen Ackles back and just that world, that fandom, it was very touching. 

Diana: I [:

Liz: was too much in there that you would not appreciate or you could watch it and be fine. Like I believe that somebody could never have seen Supernatural. 

Diana: And 

Liz: and watch it and enjoy it. But I think if you have watched the entire Supernatural series, it will make so much more sense and be that much more exciting. 

Liz: But the other exciting thing that happened this weekend was after much long anticipation, I finally got my bat in a hat. And he is so freaking cute. He is adorable. He's leather, he is hand stitched. 

up this card. This is their [:

Liz: So Batty is the last name. 

Diana: Okay. 

Liz: So we have to come up with the first name for Batty, willing to take suggestions. 

Liz: That is my week watching spookies and trying to name my new bat. 

Liz: So what have you been up to? 

Diana: I got a new range for my kitchen and I now proud owner of a double oven. I'm not trying to brag or anything. But I do have a double oven now and that's pretty hot. 

Liz: it, 

Diana: what I did there? Oh, 

f how did one. Such as Diana [:

Diana: So I went to this local business, around here that is an appliance store and they have multiple locations and their customer service was really good. So it's not a knock, but we went to the outlet cause I'm like I think it's been a little nicer, but it has a scratch on it. 

Diana: I'm good with that. Just outta the box big whoop, I don't need a box. It's just more crap to deal with. And picked out a nice one that we very much liked and got a wonderful deal on. Good brand and all that. And then it got delivered and installed, but they had to come tweak the installation and they broke the glass on the oven door. 

Diana: So they were like, crap, we're real sorry. Was there another one you liked? And there was one that was a teen bit more expensive, but it had a double oven. And I was like, like that one. They're like, you know what, no problem. We'll just do an even switch it. No big deal. We just, it's just no fault of yours. 

. I've got a one with broken [:

Diana: And I walked outside and I looked and I was like, that's broken glass. And I turned and walked, just walked away. Cause I like, I couldn't, like what do you do 

Liz: Was it the same delivery people? 

Diana: no, it was a different, same company, different people, but, and they were exceptionally nice and apologetic. They cleaned everything up. 

Diana: That was, there was some broken lesson in the house from the old one. Very fucking nice. It was just like a comedy of errors. And so 

Liz: It is. And those poor 

Diana: and they hustled. Oh, they were 

Liz: had the worst days. No, cuz they're gonna get shit cuz they just fucked up. Like 

Diana: Yeah, 

Liz: they're not having a good day. They are not having a good day. 

Diana: bad days. All 

Liz: But at least you weren't you were not Karen'ing on them about breaking glass over your 

like, oh, okay, just tell me [:

Diana: But anyways we've, they had another option that was beautiful and they were able to deliver same day. So I have an oven in a range and it's a double oven and it's got a convection and I used it to meal prep this week and it was exciting. 

Diana: My oven door closes, which is cool cuz oven doors are supposed to do that and my 

Liz: They are. 

Diana: Yeah, it's weird. And then and it's level. So when I'm. Cooking some oil. It's like on an even plane instead of all on one side. It's pretty cool. Pretty fucking cool. So yeah, I'm excited about that. 

Liz: Good times. Good times. All right. Are we ready to talk? 


ally fun parts and character [:

Diana: But yeah. So tell me about the episode. Liz 

Liz: All right. I guess I will because that's what we're here for, so Sam Interrupted, which we all know is a take on Girl Interrupted one of the movies that shaped our nineties Young Blossoming Bosom Feelings. 

Diana: Yeah. 


Liz: Yes. So the Supernatural fans once again became a Twitter army and got the hashtag #theboysareback to fourth place as the trending topic on Twitter before the episode aired. So good on you s Spn fam, y'all are weird. So this was directed by James L. Conway, who we just saw the real [00:07:00] Ghostbusters before that Fallen Idols and also was written by our writing team of Andrew Dab and Daniel Loughlin, who we have also seen recently. 

n in Oklahoma. It in nine. In:

Diana: I would argue they probably don't have a huge psychiatric hospital in a town that's that size. 

Liz: Probably not, although you would likely recognize the set as we go through of many other places that it has been within the world supernatural. It's been a prison, it's been a mental asylum. It's been many things. 

Diana: Yeah. 

ah. So we're starting off in [:

Diana: Apparently she's having nightmares real bad. There's a monster that killed my roommate. And he's oh no, it's your schizophrenic. It's not really a monster. And she's know what I am. I see my dead child behind you, but this, that's not what this is. There's a monster in here. 

Diana: And that killed my roommate. And he is no monster's, just easier to deal with than your roommate committing suicide. And so she's It's in the walls. It's in the walls. It's no, no such thing. It's in. She's no it's we cut to her in her room at night by herself and it's is fucking scary. 

Diana: I'm not gonna lie. Anyways. 

es, there's one, one thing I [:

Diana: and she's not, she's just seeing that and 

Liz: or just he say, 

Diana: she's seeing, yeah. 

Liz: and they think she's crazy. 

Liz: And that was just something I thought as I watched that so 

Diana: Just some 

Liz: because he looks like a real ghost. He looked like a supernatural ghost. Yeah. See there's, for somebody who I think, I don't know, is, I think every month is mental health awareness month, but yeah, that's, 

Diana: Oh, 

Liz: yeah. Beautiful. All right, so let's go to being, being in a dark room with 

slowly unscrewing and she's [:

Diana: But you saw also see, and she's screaming, help me into a little pane of glass and patient, a man across the hall whose name is Ted. Yeah. Ted. Yes, Ted. He's watching as this all happens and sees her get snatched backwards from the window. And finally a nurse goes to check on her finally. And she is in a pool of blood with her wrist slit. 

Liz: what 

Diana: I was like that's a depressing ass start this. Yeah. 

Liz: it, yep. It's not a bright, happy teaser. It's not I, my brain just went to the goats and Thor . I was like, it's not, happy screaming goats riding across the sky. 

Diana: Now pulling a Viking ship across the sky. 

the doctor's office and the [:

Liz: He does. And it is files. It's for a, Hey Mr. Edward Van Halen. 

Diana: Yeah, that's an interesting name, huh. And they were referred to Dr. Fuller by Dr. Babar. Not to be mistaken for the elephant in the children's books. 

Liz: Yep. And that 

Diana: love Babar. I remember that 

Liz: yep. And this is, this exchange is also a Fletch reference. So how many times do you get to reference Fletch? I also don't remember the last time I watched Fletch, and I'm not sure if I want to rewatch it. I think I may wanna leave Fletcher in the past. So 

Diana: if I've ever watched Fledge. 

Liz: you have different one. Okay. Now you have to watch Fle. 

don't have to see it again. [:

Diana: And Sam's telling the truth basically I'm depressed because I started the Apocalypse . Which I mean, yeah. Okay. And I've killed Lilith, freed Lucifer from hell. I'm trying to stop it with the health help of Dean and an angel. He's I want an angel on your shoulder. He's no. 

Diana: This one wears a trench coat. That's pretty funny. But, and then Dean's kind of contributing yeah, it wasn't really Sam's fault. Ruby got him addicted to Demonn blood. He wasn't evil. Just high. 

Liz: and it also starts off in this really great way where at first you think that Dean is playing like, oh, Dean is committing Sam, and he does play. He's see, you are just like, see like what's happening? Oh yeah, he's like completely mad. It's not his fault that he started the apocalypse. He was just high, which I also think is the best explanation for Sam and Ruby and Demon Blood. 

Liz: He was just high. 

Diana: he was just high, [:

Liz: So they're getting a nice vacation in this lovely motel, Glenwood, spring Psychiatric Hospital. 

Diana: Yes. And yeah, they've got, what is it? Nurse foreman looking after them, 

Liz: And yep, they go and get their, they, yeah, they go and they do their intake as you intake into a hospital. Apparently a prison, get very thoroughly examined. And it did occur to me like, which is really silly, that it wasn't until after Dean said your Silkwood shower. That they, I just thought that she was getting, they were getting their prostates checked and then I realized oh wait, they're going into a facility and they're probably getting their butts checked for drugs, which is a much more thorough search than getting just your nickered. 

Liz: [:

Diana: Maybe it's not that it's not supposed to, it's not necessary. about that. 

Liz: No, I don't think it's supposed to. 

Diana: I don't know. I don't know. It's, I thought, I feel like, I feel like when you get to that age where you're doing a colonoscopy, that probably gives a lot more information 

Liz: They're also showing that colonoscopies are, that one's also come out this week too, that we don't need colonoscopies and as much as they say we do, but damn, you've not taking away that twilight nap. Fuck you like, no, I, I wanna be put out to sleep for that much anyways. Enough about buts. 

Liz: So we are ta, Sam and Dean are talking about the reason that there, that's, that they're there and it's their friend Martin. 

Diana: It was [:

Liz: Yes. Watch me. Keep it inside, Sam. That's what you do. This is how you live. You shove this all down deep sad. Woohoo. 

Diana: So healthy. So Martin recognizes them though, across the common room and he's Hey, there's definitely something going on here, but I can't handle a case anymore. I don't know what it is, but there's been five deaths. They aren't suicide. And but there ha and there have been some glimpses of this monster, but don't really know what it is. 

Diana: And Sam's if you have examined the bodies, and he's yeah, no, I, I can't go around bodies anymore. Martin is not down with that. 

u have recognized that, Hey, [:

Diana: And then they get pulled for group sessions. So Sam and Martin get taken by Dr. Fuller to group session because apparently the brothers are too codependent. So Dean gets left behind to go to the different group session 

Liz: Which is a very astute observation of the psychiatrist. Just, Hey, your relationship is dangerously co-dependent. You need some time apart. Not wrong, doctor, not 

Diana: and yeah. And at group Ted pipes up real fast and he wants to talk about the monster that pulled Susan that killed Susan. And doctor's just no, that's not for group. We're not talking about it. And he's no, but I saw it and he's about to describe it. And then some other patient says they saw it too, and start describing something like with lobster cause and alien eyes. 

Diana: And Ted gets very frustra. 

Liz: He does [:

Diana: make sure they need it or wanted. 

Liz: make sure it's warranted. Otherwise, stop helping. 

Diana: but while we're, we cut back to good old deans in the common room still, and a very pretty brunette lady approaches him and calls him Eddie. And apparently this is Dr. Erica Cartwright. And she is gonna be the one apparently meeting with Dean about his issues, which include him being a paranoid schizophrenic with narcissistic personality disorder and religious psychosis. 

Liz: That seems like an app diagnosis, perhaps not the paranoid schizophrenic, but definitely narcissistic personality disorder with a religious psychosis. Nailed it. 

. Motherfucker gets three to [:

Liz: Yeah, he does. 

Diana: I'd be real tired. 

Liz: And he also does, has about 50 drinks a week, and he is never been in a long-term relationship. And then she wants to talk about his father, and that's where Dean draws the line. 

Diana: Yeah. And, but in the midst to this, he's asking her questions about black smoke, sulfur and cold spots, which isn't helping him in his case. We cut to the brothers walking down the hall after this and Dean it looks distraught and tells Sam that he was scraped. So the word is T H R A P E D. And apparently this is a aism, it is a quote according to Urban Dictionary, having therapy forced upon you by a shrink unexpectedly. 

saying this. So it is a dean [:

Liz: It's Aism 

Liz: Is. . That's about what I think. So anyhow, so they make plans to meet up within an hour to talk with the guy who saw the monster's head. But then this girl comes up 

Diana: Yeah. And just makes out with Dean. Her name is Wendy and she walks away 

Liz: and then Sam has to tell Dean, no, you cannot hit that. And I love the fact that this has to be set out loud. No, Dean, you cannot have sex with a traumatized girl in the mental facility. No. 

Diana: pre especially that you're in under false pretenses, 

e, you're a hunter. You're a [:

Diana: on a permission. 

Liz: with many air quotes. But 

Diana: Yeah. 

Liz: that's just, it's not cool, man. Not. 

Diana: Not cool. Nighttime, they've got a small window where they can go try to figure out what's going on and in, in the hospital while the nurses are on their rounds. So they go to Ted's room and as they're running up, of course there's fricking yelling and kicking in there. So Sam's very slowly picks the lock. And Ted's already hung himself sad. 

Liz: Ted's dead. 

Diana: Ted's dead. 

Liz: Ted's dead. Now we go down to why does the psychiatric hospital have a morgue? 

Diana: eh, maybe it was attached to a larger hospital. I don't know. That's concerning. They wouldn't really need that. That would be 

ed, I know there have passed [:

Diana: Yeah. 

Liz: good psychiatric hospitals. Not regular hospitals have morgues, but okay. But also Ted has been processed super fast through whatever is going on. So pretty much they just, Ted dies and they throw him at a work drawer. What's the word for 

Diana: that's what I think. That's what they're called. A body drawer. I don't know. 

Liz: Work drawer. Ah, 

Diana: And they find though that there's like a small, like hole behind, like on his head and so they stick at the 

Liz: I called it a next sphincter 

Diana: a next viter. Oh my gosh. It 

Liz: Because it looks like it's sucking. It's just it looked like a little sphincter. And then he like pushed, oh, and then he pushed his little stick in there. He just shoved it all down and it was so gross. It just kept going. guess it was going up. Sorry, I, you're watching on YouTube. 

t. But yeah, if that was not [:

Diana: need to, so they need to take out the bone saw and cut the top of his head off and find what the fuck's going on in his head. So Dean has to go take 

Liz: they don't decide that Sam was just right on this. He's oh no, we gotta find out what they wanted with his head. I guess I'm just gonna take this skull off. 

Diana: Yeah. And apparently his brain is, looks like a giant prune and it's like a little shrunken, rty dark thing. 

Liz: It was just because it's been such a 

Diana: yeah. But Dean hears someone coming and so they have to put Ted back together real fast. And right as they finish doing that, the nurse foreman walks in and asks what they're doing. So what does Dean do? 

Diana: It's one of, I think it's, I think it's this scene that I've been teased on for like years of watching this. And I finally get to see this scene. And Liz's shirt pays homage to this today. Dean 

Liz: pudding.[:

Diana: drops, trout, puts his hands in the air and yells pudding jiggling himself around, which had to be a sight, I'm just saying. 

Liz: And so yeah, so pudding, but. 

Diana: I'll do it too. Pudding 

Liz: wait, we don't have to go together. I guess we'll do it, 

Diana: Yeah. 

Liz: but it does, I do kind of question and partially this is because of Eliza Schlesinger's new Netflix special when he's doing his arms or waving the air. W was he commando and was this dick swinging around? 

Diana: Was he helicoptering 

Liz: Because I think he was like, was, because it looks like his bottom body is just like shaking around and I wonder if he was swinging this dick. 

Diana: I think that was implied. 

st, things went fucked up or [:

Diana: Yeah. 

Liz: I will find the better explanation of that and tell you later, but there was something happens when people say pudding. 

Liz: Okay. Anyways, so we're going to cut to some very disturbing paintings. 

Diana: Yeah. Yeah. Apparently Martin's artsy hobby is painting creepy fucking clowns. Yeah. That's what he does. And Dean calls him out on it, but he tries to soften the blow a little bit. But yeah, and they're talking about a monster that sucks. The brain dry and then makes death look like a suicide. 

Diana: Martin thinks it's a wrath. Okay. They they drink, brain juice. Brain juice and they 

Liz: again? Brain juice. 

Diana: juice. Brain juice. Now drinking throat juice like it's gray goose is stuck in my head. But anyways, . But they can't touch silver and, but they can disguise as humans and a mirror will show their true form. 

Diana: So there we go. 

Liz: So that [:

Diana: I was unclear. 

Liz: Yes, I thought that was okay. That's, I think that was a misstep cuz I wasn't sure if it was like Martin had a research journal or if it was a mental patient had seen it and drew it. 

Liz: And that's why he was like, oh, it's a race, but 

Diana: I don't know, 

Liz: let's talk about, let's talk about race. Let's go into some lore. 

Diana: Lord. 

is. And why? Because RAs can [:

Liz: A RA can mean the exact likeness of a living person seen usually before death as an apparition. It can mean a ghost or a specter. Not the homicidal maniac fill specter, but like a you smooth specter. Or it can also mean something with an insubstantial form or that is barely visible. Like smoke, right? 

would assume like you would [:

Liz: And those are not malevolent. There is also one called, oh man, I've been like, ever since I wrote this down, I was not sure if I, let's see if I can get this thing out. All right. So there is a wrath called a parasitic. Nope. Cocko Demonn. I'm a grownup. I could say cock demon. Sure can. That is spelled C A C O D M O N. 

Liz: And so we talked, touched on this when we talked about gins. These are the entities that like to hang out in the empty spaces. So that could be like your basement or graveyard or that vortex behind your door that the cat likes to look at. They can be 

Diana: Or the dog. 

faith also when she goes so [:

Liz: But they really seem to do much when they possess you. Like they just 

Diana: Just hang out. 

Liz: they just hang 

Diana: a ride. 

Liz: Yeah. And there's people who like don't even know they're possessed. Like they just they're just there. It's just parasite mooching off their energy. I think eventually you're supposed to get sick and die so I guess maybe equivalent to a Colin Robinson suck off, but from the inside, 

Diana: I'll say it's like an internal Colin 

Liz: your internal Colin Robinson. And the only thing though is so they have these limited powers and so if it's inside of you, sometimes you can get demonic powers. I'm really not seeing the downfall on this. And maybe if they suck your life force away, but the other thing. 

Diana: powers Until they do? Because I don't know. Some things are worth a trade 

on here. You can't just like [:

Liz: So if the demon's like inside of you and then you get inside of someone, or they get inside of you and then you make a baby, then like part of the demonn like comes out and then like melds with your baby and then your baby's part, demonn. 

Diana: I'd like to see the biology on this I'm just, 

Liz: Oh, and I'm just having this flashback 

Diana: processing. I'm just 

Liz: freshman biology of watching like mitosis where the fuck happens. Anyway, so there is also one called the Grudge Race. Not like Sarah, not like the movie one, but this is basically a ghost who has 

Diana: what I was imagining. 

has unfinished business with [:

Liz: Or something like that. And so they just follow them around and they try and take their soul. And so like, 

Diana: stapler. I'm just 

Liz: Give me my stapler, Nancy. What the fuck? What you said, you were just gonna borrow it. I have to get these forms out. So they wander around. Like basically the idea is I can get into you and I can take your soul and then you have to wander around eternity too. 

Liz: Cuz, so I'm not the only we're both like wander around through alternative and they don't say what they do with the soul. Do they do they eat it? What does the soul taste 

Diana: wait. You need to hang out. You have to hang out with them then. 

Liz: The next one we talk about? Yes. This one, I'm not sure. I think you're just wandering, but you're both wandering so you might as well, 

Diana: I'm like so I hated this person and now I'm stuck for eternity. Or No, I didn't hate them. I had unfinished business and I was mad at them for something. They had a grudge, and now I gotta fucking hang out with them for eternity. That 

Liz: And then eventually I [:

Diana: because we're stuck here together. 

Liz: Yeah, so cuz so those go along the main, like the main type of race I think, I don't even know anymore because there's so many different things and I can't tell which are the main ones. 

Liz: So these main ones we're just gonna call them the Soul Steelers, right? So these races have no soul, so they're full of despair and rage and maybe a liking for nickelback, just that you, they're just very unhappy. And because they're so unhappy and just so angry, they want others to feel like them. 

Liz: So they try and spread the rage, which I did call them the emo ghosts. I'm just like, you're just full of but it's more kind of black metal, death metal, I think. 

Diana: Yeah.[:

Liz: and some race like have been known like they can they're so powerful that they can take the will to live for an entire village. 

Liz: So it's just like this dude named Kevin or something, probably like Kevin. Let's go. What are we gonna call him? Peter. So Peter comes into this village and this is he's such a bummer that everyone in the village is like, , I wanna kill 

Diana: will to live. 

Liz: Fuck man. Yes. Peter's a bummer, right? And many of these race are just pissed off at their race in the first place. 

Liz: They're just like, even though like they brought themselves to this point, cuz I think this is a very interesting thing about race, is that they're not something that's born, they're something that you become, and typically one becomes one of these rays by fucking with the laws of nature. So you fuck with Mother Nature and then it bites you in the ass. 

ve tried to manipulate time, [:

Diana: Okay. 

Liz: they may have tried to live forever or at least longer than they were supposed to. So I'm going to do some alchemy make things up and try and make myself live forever. Or you tried to bring someone else back to life with potions or spells. 

Liz: So it's this idea that magic has consequences and get un fucked up. And now you're at this point, I am inferring from what I read, that they had to die while doing that. 

Diana: Okay. 

Liz: not it's not that you have to wait oh no, like I raised my dog from the dead and then 

Diana: ago. 

Liz: yeah, and then 

Diana: causes. 

Liz: Then I would be like pissed off too. I was just like, what the fuck, man? Like I was di it was different. It was, it was the seventies. We all like, were just doing a little bit of like acid and we just, were trying to raise the dead like you do, man. What the fuck? Now we're raised forever for eternity. 

Diana: That's bullshit. 

you have to be dead. And I'm [:

Liz: And the faith is face, not faith. Faith is either like a skeleton or just a black hole. So think dementor, 

Diana: Yeah. Very detory. 

Liz: very deary. And if you run into a race like these, apparently they can just touch you and take your soul just by touching. And but once they take your soul, then you're doomed to wander the earth with them. 

Liz: So I think they are looking for friends. I think that's just, and they're just 

Diana: friends via entrapment. 

ah. And I, hopefully they're [:

Liz: And you can't kill them, but you can't. So apparently because they're evil, they are very, a much afraid of anything that is holy. So like a holy person or a holy weapon. So maybe have a priest bless something and oh, this is my life. And I'm like, oh, die, race, die. But you have to be very careful because if you try and kill a race and you don't do it right, It could take its rage out on the whole world. 

Diana: Oh, 

Liz: So maybe that happens. I don't know. It could've. It could've. 

Diana: That's not good. 

ff of Amazon. All right. And [:

Liz: So I went to my handy dandy encyclopedia Metallo, a K A at the metal archives and I learned of the Indiana Band race whose genres are black and speed, thrash metal and punk. And their lit lyrical themes include religion, war, violence, and death. You can find them on redefining darkness records, but make sure you aren't confusing them with the rath, the Heavy power metal band from Hartford, Connecticut Rath the Black and Death Metal Band from Ccy, Arkansas. 

y metal band from San Pablo, [:

Diana: Probably. 

Liz: probably, but the main one apparently is the rath from Indiana. So good on you guys. I see you're still touring Rock on 

Diana: All right. Nice 

Liz: race. 

Diana: rates, huh? All right. They're creepy. 

Liz: They are creepy, but I also like thinking of them as de mentors. 

Diana: yeah, I kinda like that too. It's 

Liz: As opposed to kind this, cuz I also 

Diana: yeah, this is very 

Liz: with this concept. So 

Diana: It's real weird. Yeah. Dean's trying to watch all the people in the hospital in a security mirror. 

Liz: Smart, right? 

Diana: which is smart. Okay, if they show their true face in the mirror, I'm just gonna stand at a convenient angle where I can see the curvy, the curved, security mirror and see everybody walk by and see a bunch of faces at once. 

first guess. You're like, oh [:

Diana: And she's I can't find someone else that's dumb that. I can't find someone else that dumb. It's my job. And she's is it like a quota of how many people you have to save? And he is it's a biblical apocalypse and I have to stop it. And she points out this is a really crushing weight to carry on his shoulders to hold 6 billion lives. 

Diana: And asks how he's able to get up in the morning. 

Liz: Yeah. And he also makes the point that if he doesn't do this, nobody else will. And I think a lot, I think. Just a human level besides supernatural. I think most people who have been in, in stressful circumstances can certainly relate to that, right? It's just this idea that if no one else is gonna do this, like I'm gonna have to. 

gs to have on your shoulders.[:

Diana: absolutely. For sure. And I think it's kind of him. He's answering, but you feel like he's also taking in some of what she's saying. And then Dr. Fuller walks by and he's a ray, so no. 

Liz: Oh no. 

Diana: So shit, now we think it's Dr. Fuller. All right, it's nighttime. And they got our brothers, they've got Martin. They're gonna get, they got one thing of silver and they're gonna go try to get the doctor. 

Diana: And then Wendy comes up 

Liz: And Dean's oh no. Oh, no ma'am. No, I don't have time for you today. And she's that's fine. 

Diana: Uhhuh . 

Liz: Up against the wall. 

Diana: I want him now. He's larger. 

gain, cuz then I had to type [:

Diana: it's a very difficult 

Liz: How the hell do you people live in the city? Like, how do you write this every day? Like how do you 

Diana: They abbreviate it, they have to 

Liz: They have to, this, that word is stupid. Sorry. 

Diana: So yeah, Martin's nah, and he leaves cuz he can't do it. But our brother, the brothers go to, they're on the hunt for Dr. Fuller though cuz they're convinced that he's the rathe and they've got the stabby one, stabby item and they're gonna find him. And he is not in his office, but his keys are still there. 

Diana: So they know he is in the building and so they split up and because they always split up 

Liz: Yep. And I think they also, they have, I, they have multiple stabby items, so each of them, they have each of them. So they went to all the nurse's office and rated all the letter openers because somehow they determined they were silver plated. 

Diana: Yeah, 

Liz: Woo. 

iately grabbed by orderlies. [:

Diana: So he is not a rathe. 

Liz: Oh, oops. Oopsies. 

Diana: it's not. If you are being kept for observation in a mental hospital and you violently attack your doctor and beat up two orderlies, it's not good. 

ought it was good curio. But [:

Diana: real fucked up. 

Liz: he does, he gets the best drugs. They are so great that he calls in spectacular. 

Diana: Yeah. Dean says, yeah, you always wear a happy drunk. And yeah, Dean's so they're talking about dean's no, I'm not crazy. Maybe we gotta figure out who the RA is, but, and then dean's maybe I'm a little crazy and I finally cracked, but we're gonna find who this is. So 

Liz: then Sam poops him on the nose. 

Diana: he gets a boo. I like the boo. We got to Dean and Dr. Cartwright approaches, and he is like, Hey, you missed our session. And he's I'm working the case. Sorry. I'm saving lives. And she's I'm not worried about my life. And he's no, I'm fine. And she's no I don't think you are. 

anybody. Dean, what? Who is [:

Liz: And all of a sudden it's turn and then we know she's evil because she monologues. 

Diana: Yeah, that's how we know the evil monologue. It's the dead giveaway he got. Says he got Ellen and Joe killed. He shot Lucifer but couldn't yank him. He's the one that broke the first seal. He ba he's just a failure Dean with his g e d to give him hell attitude. He actually thought he was gonna be able to eat, beat the devil with that. 

Liz: Ah, 

Diana: Damn. Woo. 

Liz: point now is g e d. That's harsh man. 

Diana: Yeah. 

Liz: Don't shame that G E D took 

Diana: he's asking who she is and she has an answer, but an orderly down the hall is watching this and tells him needs to settle down a couple of 

Liz: Ah, what? 

Diana: And then we see from the orderlies point of view there, nobody's standing where Dr. Cartright is. She's not there. 

Liz: Fuck 

ana: Dean looks real fucking.[:

Liz: yeah. 

Diana: Real fucking crazy. 

Liz: Yep. Yep. And nope. And this is why I do not like this episode. I do not like the How do you know if your reality is reality shit. . It's almost as bad as time travel. Don't like it. Don't like this premise Uhuh, because 

Diana: as bad as time travel 

Liz: It's I think actually I may hate I hate this more, I hate this more than, I hate time travel because this is a more realistic situ. 

Liz: This is a legitimate fear that we are living in a simulation or some other crap, whatever. And that you're crazy and don't know it. That's, to me, like it's definitely a theme that has been explored since the beginning of time. Still don't like it? Nope. Nope. And he also just starts seeing race everywhere. 

Liz: So now he doesn't even know I can't trust myself. I can't trust anything that's not good, and he just starts shaking in a corner. 

Diana: yeah, it's very [:

Diana: That he is, you, his anger issues. He was attacking like a man possessed. And it just it was, it's very concerning how he fought off those orderlies and it almost killed a doctor. 

Liz: So this is also why I do not like this episode. Was that Dr. Real? 

Diana: This one 

Liz: Yes. 

Diana: doc, I thought he was Dr. Full. 

Liz: Or is this not of a hallucination of Sam's? 

Diana: Oh, I thought it was part was real. 

g is I just don't know, like [:

Diana: That's wild. I didn't even think about that for this scene at all. I didn't even cross my mind. Ooh, 

Liz: See, hate it. All right, so the doctor basically says you can have a second chance and you can go to the date room, but if you fuck up anymore, you're gonna go to the place for the violent people. 

oom and walks up to Dean and [:

Diana: He imagines, he hallucinates all the patients around him, calling him a freak, and they're closing in and jostling him a bit. So he starts fucking swinging and is trying to hit them once again, violent outburst, but they aren't there. So the orderlies grab 'em and carry him away while Dean is sitting off in the corner whispering what's happen. 

Diana: Like that part. 

, but he's not sleeping well [:

Diana: Yeah. Poor Martin. So Dean sneaks into Martin's room. They're like, look Sam's locked down. Things are going crazy. And and then Dean pieces together, that crazy has to be one of the clues to the monster. 

Liz: Crazy is a coup. Crazy is a. 

Diana: is the clue. Yes. And. They're both kind of freaking out, but dean's like, could the monster be making us crazy, like infecting us somehow? 

Diana: If it's a rath through venom, through touch, through saliva? Could it be Wendy? What? So Martin and De are in the hall and Dean is no longer able to step on the cracks in the tiles. 

Liz: He can't, he has to the cracks are gonna break someone's back or something, but he can't step on them. But then we hear the scream, oh no, 

Diana: and Wendy did. 

ugh her fucking wrist thing. [:

Diana: I think I call it a creepy long pokey bone in her hand. 

Liz: Okay. I'll just say spin thing 

Diana: But, so nurse foreman is the rath? No. And Martin and Dean are gonna try to fight her, and Martin slashed her with silver and it like sizzles and burns her. So we know this is definitely her. 

Liz: for sure. For sure. Her. 

Diana: For sure. 

Liz: Okay. 

Diana: Yeah. And she the nurse locks them in the room and Martin realizes that Wendy's still fucking alive. 

Liz: Save Wendy. Ah, we can save Wendy. All right, 

g see straight. Dean is like [:

Liz: is on. He is on the fifth head of acid. He is. His vision is not good. 

Diana: no. No. And so he is gonna try to do this, but yeah it's not good. So Martin's staying with Wendy and trying to take, just distract the orderlies so Dean can get out and he's gonna follow the trail of blood because he knows the rate is bleeding. 

Liz: So he follows that. And then we cut to Sam, and Sam is in this padded room, and this is like the padded room of all padded rooms. Everything is padded on the back. It's is patted on the floor and he's in this bed and he's just strapped to it and oh my God, that's fucking terrifying. So he's big old and also can see him like fit on a twin bed. Did they have to get like a bigger bed to fit Jar and pet it like. 

enough for someone like six [:

Liz: Yep. Yep. I just a picture looking twin A be hu hanging half his big old bill Moose 

Diana: hanging off. So we get the nurse enters and he is able to hear a reflection and he knows that she's a race too now. And she's gonna talk, start talking shit cuz she's gonna monologue now cuz she's a bad guy. 

Liz: That's what you do. You're evil. You monologue. 

Diana: Yeah. And just, she's gonna go off about how easy it was with the, as far as them being hunters and she only needed to touch them to make them crazy. 

Diana: And this 

Liz: To be fair, she's not wrong. They came into a mental hospital that she's hunting and then clearly you were hunters and just. 

u get excited, like dopamine [:

Diana: Crazy. Brains are delicious, apparently. 

Liz: but it's weird, like if you're hunting like adrenaline and things pumping through a blood, go make your meat not taste good. 

Liz: So I don't know. I think she's wrong. 

Diana: Interesting. 

Liz: I don't know if you've ever taste. Yeah, I don't know. If you ever sucked on brain juice and you've had, you've done the taste test between a not scared person and a real sc and a scared person, let us know. Slide into our DM so we can report you to federal authorities, but let us know first. 

ute ago, it really just, she [:

Diana: She just took whatever little bit of crazy they had and just fucking amplified it. So that's like Dean's fear or Dean's fear of not being able to trust himself and have confidence in things like that. Sam's fear of being able to control his anger and give himself like that kind of 

Liz: I am being called a freak because that came out again. Of course it did, but also, 

Diana: was interesting. 

Liz: Yeah. But I think it's also a theme that's come up before where, it may not be this, it may be, oh, I don't make you sin, or I don't make you do this. You're just a human and as a monster, all I'm doing is just letting you be who, what an, what a human wants to be. 

Liz: So always 

Diana: you wanna do anyways, I'm just giving you an out to do it. 

Liz: Yep. The risk thing's gonna come back out. And then we have determined dean coming in, a determined dean is determined. 

you think this is gonna end [:

Liz: it's worse. 

Diana: bone hand thingy and he breaks it. It breaks it off. 

Liz: Why is this so bad? Why is I, and that's what I don't understand. Why is this so visceral? Because it's just a, and it's prosthetic, this thing doesn't exist. It's not, but the breaking of it hurts you. It feels like a breaking of a forearm or something. 

Liz: But, or oh, maybe it is like breaking of like a nail, like a toenail or a fingernail or something? That, or tooth. Oh yeah, like that external part of you that when you break oh, I just went to toothy broken. Oh God, no. Moving on. We have to move on. I'm melting down. 

Liz: Just like the doctor. 

Diana: [:

Liz: No, I literally have that. He stabs her in the chest and she melts on down. , I was melting down. Let the doctor and then her. Is it venom? What would you, is that venom? 

Diana: I guess it's a form of venom. , but it goes away. It's 

Liz: Oh, okay. So the analogy would be like a toad, right? This is where my brain went. So if you're licking a toad, like a poisonous toad look. So if you're licking the thing on the outside of the toad, is that venom? 

Diana: I don't know. 

Diana: That's poison on the outside and venom at the, I don't 

Liz: venom. Oh, fuck. Okay. If you've ever licked a toad there. Nope. Nope. Okay. All right. So her venom, or whatever the fuck we call this as ward off. 

they're back to normal ish. [:

Liz: As normal as anybody can be who started the apocalypse, so yeah. They ask you to are the alarm goes off. Go ahead. 

Diana: And they're, and they are hauling ass. There is not much security at this hospital and they are definitely just running to the car in their scrubs. They didn't even get their personal effects back, like, how 

Liz: Oh, also, I guess this is a non-violent offender hospital and you should still have things, so your patients cannot wander off because they are not 

Diana: it was for safety, that's what I mean. 

Liz: I guess they have the doctor's keys, right? So they were able to get out that way. 

Diana: Fair. So they get to baby yay, and Sam stops and he's the wrath was right about one thing. He's 

while that may seem like an [:

Liz: Bam. All right, so now we're get a serious. 

Diana: And Dean's I want drinks. I want to hit the road and have drinks. That's what I want. I don't wanna talk about this shit. And Sam's no. She was right about how angry I am. I can feel it inside me. I'm mad all the time. I don't know why. And all I can think of is Harry Potter going? 

Diana: I'm so angry all the time. 

Liz: Oh, it's sad, but also there is a point of what were you, what was Sam gonna do about this? Was he gonna go check himself into the mental hospital? The one where 

Diana: I know. That's what I was like wondering. I 

Liz: You just killed somebody in there. You can't like go back in and be like, I was, you end up like in the on death row for that, Sam. 

st advice anybody could give [:

Liz: That's how we don't like Martin. Are you with me? 

Diana: With you. And that's it. 

Liz: And it takes Sam a minute to be like 

Diana: Oh shit. Filing processing, taking it all into a little ball and shoving it back down inside. Okay, I'm with you. And I drive away. I will say, I think. The one thing that is a point that Dean is making here is they are in, in crisis. 

Diana: I would absolutely argue that he is 100% right. In a crisis situation, you don't process the things that are happening or in a war time situation, which arguably they're in a war. You 

Liz: No. Arguably they're definitely like they are in a war. This is, 

Diana: yeah. You don't take the time to emotionally process things. 

bullshit and have to process [:

Liz: Wait, what's the second step? 

Diana: Nevermind. 

Liz: Oh, yeah. See I get the first part, like I'm so down with that. You compartmentalize. You put a thing so you can deal, so you can get P What? What is that? 

Diana: Processing 

Liz: Is that what? Is that what you said? That's what I heard. Like 

Diana: Oh yeah. So I think there was some really 

Liz: nor is this mental health advice. Please actually seek help from professionals 

Diana: yes. No, it was 

Diana: yeah. Hey, this is our escape this show. So I think there was some really funny parts to this episode, but some also like stressful parts, I guess a very, 

Liz: we wanna, oh, sorry. Sorry. Do we wanna do a casting couch before we go into 

some fun ones. Martin CreER [:

Diana: And that's exact, obviously not that many, but she's been in 

Liz: How many is the gazillion? 

Diana: I don't know. She was in a lot though. I'd ha I 

Liz: Did you have any good names? Were there any, 

Diana: I don't remember offhand. I'd have to look again. 

Liz: okay we'll look some up and post them. I do. I do love the Hallmark Christmas movie name. They're always fantastic. 

lm Stewart. He was Jim in the:

Diana: She had a bit parts in multiple of the 50 Shades movies and she's been in episodes of Magicians v Fringe House, like a bunch of the shows that I follow and enjoy. Then Ted was play played by Juan Rodger, and he was dodger in Riverdale and Carlos in Narcos. Lastly on my list was our orderly, Kevin O'Grady. 

Diana: He is Johnson in the current show, peacemaker and Rhode in the day of the dead TV series. 

Liz: The of Wendy. 

Diana: I did not get a, Wendy, 

Liz: Damn. I'm wanted to know if she actually was any better, someone that they just made 

Diana: Nothing very, nothing particularly notable that 

you imagine that being like, [:

Diana: Oh, that's so terrible. 

Diana: Yeah, there's some episodes have a lot more people than others, so I try to key in a little 

Liz: Yeah, no, I I was just curious about the life of 

Diana: Wendy. 

Liz: Wendy 

Diana: But yeah that's all I got on casting. We've got like we were saying, I think this episode has a lot of really like memorable fun parts. And then it's also like the pudding thing is I knew that was classic supernatural and I hadn't even seen the fucking episode, just because it's, 

Liz: because I've worn this shirt around you before. 

Diana: That, and then, going to the conventions and following the social media and things like that, jokes and references all the 

Liz: this is very much a canon joke. This is 

Diana: I'm nodding on the joke guys. now I am. 

Liz: but now you are and it is a great joke. It is delightful. 

Diana: yeah. 

Liz: It also, this episode [:

Liz: Nope. Not getting there. But so it's. I think it's been the like I said, it touches on realistic human fears, which is to me, always greater than even the morality stuff. And maybe that's because you, I feel like I have a good handle on, in reality, for the most part, morality, not reality, , but I don't feel like if you don't have a good handle on reality, you won't know, because that's the paradox, right? 

Liz: You. 

real fears that people have [:

Diana: So I thought that was interesting. 

Liz: I'm still laughing at if you take yourself out of this episode, I'm like, what? Supernatural is not about me. What the fuck are you saying, Diana? This is all about me. Narciss, narcissist, schizophrenic. But 

Diana: you know what I'm saying. So I think it it just, it forced it because they can't have characters that are, that not self-aware for that long. You have to have the characters have to have some, a little bit more introspection at some point in time then. I'm not saying they haven't at all before, but I think it was a good development of that as they're 

Liz: what was, yeah, but what was deemed right. So Dean's is, I've got the way the world and my shoulders. 

Diana: Yeah. [:

Liz: Yeah. And Sam's was that. I'm just angry all the time that I don't know why. 

Diana: Yeah. So now he knows that he is gotta deal with being fucking angry all the time, or he is gotta bottle that shit up until he is time to deal with it. 

Liz: Yeah. Or there are meds for that Sam. Or maybe actually, oh man, I don't wanna be a hunt. I guess this they did, they explored this trope in Lucifer. But I was gonna say, it's like I don't want to be the hunter psychiatrist, 

Diana: Oh yes. 

Liz: but it would still also be a good spinoff take that from me CW. 

Liz: And pay me. 

Diana: I like it. I like 

Liz: So 

Diana: But yeah, 

Liz: this episode we need to touch on or are we good to go to tears and 

Diana: are gross. That's what. 

Liz: our fucking gross? So are wrist oddly, silver wrist things? Who knew? All right. Cheers, jerk. 

Diana: Cheers, [:




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