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Selling Sarasota - Shelley and Edward Panas EPISODE 4, 15th February 2018
004 BONUS EPISODE - Because we LOVE podcasters!
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004 BONUS EPISODE - Because we LOVE podcasters!

Even though we just launched our show on Feb 9th at Podfest Mulitmedia Expo in Orlando and our episodes will be posting Tuesday mornings, we couldn't wait until next week to share this one! Plus - it's VALENTINE'S DAY and we LOVE podcasters!
We thought it would be fun to interview other first year podcasters at Podfest to share our journeys together.  Then we thought with all of these amazing podcasting veterans around us so Ed ran around on the last day of Podfest interviewing as many people as he could between sessions.
Thank you to all of our newbies and veterans for your time and very insightful and entertaining answers!  We love you all!
Our guests Valentine's Day plans montage   (in this order)
  • Jimmy Murray
  • Rhett Hall
  • Lance Miller
  • Laraine Chula
  • Joe Slattery
  • Debbie Pace
  • Jennifer Longworth
  • Jemmy Legagneur
  • Glenn Hebert
  • John Dennis
  • Niel Guilarte
  • Dave Jackson
  • Elsie Escobar
  • Rob Walch