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Good Thoughts - Gary Epler EPISODE 1, 6th April 2020
It's Not Too Late to Start Managing Your Stress

It's Not Too Late to Start Managing Your Stress

The answer was discovered by Dr. Gary Epler in December 2019 from connecting new brain science to events in our daily lives. These studies showed there are different independent brain regions, and people can only think from one at a time. Thinking from some regions like the decision-making prefrontal cortex and creative-thinking frontal cortex result in healthy and productive outcomes. Sustained thinking from the amygdala anger region and the posterior cingulate cortex self-thinking region result in poor health, decreased productivity, lack of innovation, and disconnection from the community.

The Eplerian philosophy is defined by seven words that can change the world. “Know who you are moment by moment.” Using the limited “know who you are” is so variable that it has been rendered meaningless. The three words, “moment by moment,” adds clarification. Everyone can know who they are at any given moment because everyone can know the brain region where their thoughts originate.

Move out of two bad brain regions. Anger and fear are everyday emotions, and if sustained for more than a few seconds, cause the stress-inflammatory response and ill health. People who learn to leave the cingulate region are healthier, more productive, more creative, enjoy life more, and are better citizens. The less you think about yourself, the more you are your true self.

Eliminate the harmful effects of anger and fear by learning how to leave the brain region in seconds. For example, feel the physical reaction to anger and fear for a few seconds excluding all other thoughts, let the feelings peak, and the anger and fear will pass. Another way to leave these brain regions is to do the opposite behavior. Anger means something has been taken, pride or integrity; therefore, leave the amygdala anger center by doing the opposite, which is to give expecting nothing in return.

Manage stress by moving away from the self-thinking cingulate center. Thinking about yourself causes stress. Uncontrolled stress shuts down the immune system and leads to inflammation, heart disease, cancer, and a shortened life. For self-criticism and self-pity thinking, do the opposite, be kind to yourself. Cingulate thinking is a “taking behavior” with blame, resentment, and judgment; therefore, do the opposite, give.

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