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Scaling My Business The Remote Millionaires Way with Jill Ashton
Episode 328th July 2022 • Remote Millionaires • Offline Sharks LLC
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Sometimes when you run a family business, you tend to play things by ear and skip doing the things that move the needle, like establishing systems and processes and doing consistent marketing work. So how do you take your small family business to the next level and grow it like a real business? 

Today's episode features Jill Ashton, co-owner of J-Lau Associates, a mother and daughter company that provides professional web design and content. Their services include website review, design, copywriting, SEO, app development, and lead generation. Jill is well-versed in the psychology of buyer personas or understanding what makes customers take action. While Jill's family business has many customers, she felt that the Remote Millionaires Program could help her keep her focus and grow their business one sure step at a time. 

“You need to learn from those that know what they're doing. The Remote Millionaires definitely know what they do.”

- Jill Ashton


In This Episode:

  • What did Jill's business operations look like before and after she joined the Remote Millionaires community?
  • Jill shares how she plans to implement the learning from the Remote Millionaires Program to take their family business to the next level
  • Big lessons and A-HA moments that Jill learned and her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and those who are looking to grow their digital marketing agency

And much more…

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