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128 - As Weird as a Chicken Crying: AAP Statement on Pediatric Gender Transition with Dr. Julia Mason
Episode 12825th August 2023 • Gender: A Wider Lens Podcast • Stella O'Malley & Sasha Ayad
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“We are making strong recommendations based on weak evidence,” a statement from practicing pediatrician, Dr. Julia Mason, about the basis of gender affirming care, which is the model of care currently backed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

In this episode, Dr. Mason sits down with Sasha & Stella to discuss her relentless efforts towards charging the AAP to pursue a systematic review of the evidence behind gender affirming care. They discuss the series of events leading up to the AAP’s most recent article reaffirming their commitment to the affirmation model as laid out in the AAP’s policy statement published in 2018, but also announcing their authorization of a systematic review of the evidence. This decision on the part of the AAP comes long overdue in the wake of so many European organizations who have recently conducted their own reviews, all of which have resulted in abrupt shifts in the care protocols around gender transition.


NY Times article about the AAP's recent moves: 

SEGM’s Spotlight 

Rafferty’s 2018 AAP Statement 

Cantor Fact Checks the Rafferty Paper 

Wall Street Journal Article  

The Cass Review | Interim Report - Independent Review of Gender Identity Services for Children and Young People

Genspect’s Open Letter to the AAP 

Leor Sapir’s Article 

AAP Reaffirms But Authorizes Systematic Review 

Opinion Supporting Gender Dysphoric Youth

2015 Transgender Survey 

"What Is a Woman?" with Dr. Michelle Forcier that Julia references in the interview 

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