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The RE of Marketing - Steven Rick & Tim Elliott EPISODE 6, 5th May 2021
Zooming in further with Ben Lumley
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Zooming in further with Ben Lumley

We get Ben back in, to finish the conversation on mastery of craft and zoom in a little more...because our marketing friends, it’s flipping important to your work! 

Some of the nuggets we mention in part two are

  • The Creative Gap … the gap between the work in your head and what you produce 
  • Label / title douche’s
  • The tools don’t matter 
  • The relationship between teaching and mastery
  • Social media highlights real of life 
  • Mastery is a case of perspective on purpose
  • Creativity comes from the stuff
  • Know yourself, what works for you?
  • Do purposeful work or work with purpose 
  • Hustling ...or not?
  • Persistence 

Thanks to Ben for joining us twice this season...we are humbled!

Check Ben's vlog out here https://youtube.com/c/BenLumleyphoto

Definitely follow him on Insta @bensnapsstuff

Or check.out his website www.benlumelyphoto.com

Thanks for listening to this episode of The Re of Marketing podcast. This is the show where we come to Rethink, Reframe and Remark on all things marketing and speak to the people behind the work to find out what inspires them to use their marketing superpowers for good.