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Bitcoin - The Red Pill
Episode 109th November 2022 • Red Jacket Capital • Dave Sanderson
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The digitization of money is upon us, and in this episode of Red Jacket Capital, Dave Sanderson asks Ken Gordon what it would look like if you put a Smart Savings structure around a Bitcoin exposure.  

What would it mean to the investors, and who would benefit? Ken reminds Dave that the policy is there to create legitimate value to charities as a result of you transferring an asset which has grown. But even if Bitcoin drops to zero, the bottom line is that you’ll be up $100K after ten years. 

It’s worth listening in as Ken and Dave discuss the supply and demand incentive of Bitcoin and how it could, in 2023, go hand in hand with a Smart Savings Plan investment. This episode ties together the potential of Bitcoin and the shrewd investment structure that is the Smart Savings Plan.

"You’re going to be cash positive on our structure, regardless of what you invest in." 
– Ken Gordon

In This Episode:

-The Bitcoin Standard

-Putting the Smart Savings structure around a Bitcoin exposure

-Why a Bitcoin investment doesn’t affect your cashflow differential from year one to ten

-What happens if Bitcoin goes to zero and you don’t have cash to donate to the charity?

-Why there’s no practical commercial exposure on your ride on the Bitcoin experience

-What happens when you’re cash on cash up $150,000?

-Could a Bitcoin exposure be coming for Smart Savings in 2023?

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