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55. Raising Luminaries: How the School System is Failing Our Kids, Pt. 1
Episode 5513th January 2022 • Luminary Leadership Podcast • Elizabeth Hartke
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At Luminary Leadership, our focus is very heavy on helping you raise leaders as you build your empire and giving you the tools and the resources to do it. The other day, while I was having a meeting with my creative director Caitlyn, we both had a very stark realization that the school system and society are not helping any of us do that. It's not helping us raise leaders. It's not helping us build confidence in our kids.

Caitlyn showed me a picture of her daughter's progress report from grade school and my jaw dropped. It blew me away. I have to share it with you today because it's going to make your jaw drop too when you really think about what the schools are doing to our kids (disclaimer: Not every school, but I'm talking in general)

Today we are highlighting something that sometimes flies under the radar, but it is stripping our kids of possibility, creativity and confidence and it needs to be addressed.

Let's raise them up right!




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