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ParentEd - Focus on the Family Singapore EPISODE 29, 8th April 2021
The Pain and the Pleasure of Parenting

The Pain and the Pleasure of Parenting

Ask any parent and they very likely will say that parenting is the most rewarding thing they have done and yet also the hardest. As we highlight the difficult topic of experiencing pain in the family this month, we'll be looking at the pain spots we experience in parenting.

From adjusting to handle the night feeds when children are young to managing angsty teenagers, parents will face varying degrees of pain in their parenting journey. Can you find the pleasure of parenting in the midst of trying moments?

In this episode, our host, Aaron Ng, will be speaking with Daryl Koh, a father of 2 and an educator in a local school. Daryl is married for 17 years and his children are aged 14 and 12 years old. He is passionate about engaging young people and he has been teaching for more than 20 years.

Focus on the Family Singapore has an ongoing series of ParentEd Dialogues where we have conversations to coach parents on how to adapt as your kids grow up, starting with understanding his or her personality, how to discipline well and how to create a loving and fun culture at home. Our next ParentEd Dialogues are coming up in May and you can sign up for it on our website here.

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