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16: Child's Play: The Kids That Took Twitter
Episode 1619th August 2020 • Cyber Humanity • Immersive Labs
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As you might have guessed from the title, the Twitter hack is the focus of this episode – specifically, the kids behind the attack. Why are youngsters so much more likely to turn to cyber crime? How can we guide them onto a more ethical path, while still giving them the opportunity to explore their incredible cyber talents? 

Kev shares a blast from the past and tells us about his path to cyber. Buckle up, because it’s a good’un! Of course, he maintains that he’s stayed firmly away from any shades of grey during his early cyber years. We totally believe you, Kev! 

We couldn’t cover the Twitter hack story without discussing the somewhat salacious interlude during the court case. How is it that Max can’t even share his screen on Zoom due to security restrictions, but someone can get onto a major court case and share porn? 

Finally, and most importantly, we puzzle over why these kids merited an entire task force when there are entire criminal organizations out there monetizing malware and doing real harm. Tune in to find out! 

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