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The Identity Project; a My Why Podcast - My Why Revolution EPISODE 12, 13th May 2020
Living Beyond Limits with Jessica Pickford
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Living Beyond Limits with Jessica Pickford

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MEET, Jessica Pickford.

1:00: Meet Jessica

2:00: Jessica shares about the social media post she recently shared that was all about crushing comfort zones.

2:20: Jessica reads the post.

2:45: What the word different means to Jessica...

3:05: Not fair to feel shame...

5:50: "No one watching knows that I have a prosthetic arm."

6:24: "Successful people stand out." Why and how this sticks with Jessica.

10:35: Any regrets about opening up?

14:33: Massive action time... "It's my turn."

22:10: Past relationship discussion and the idea of "thriving" in a relationship. "I need someone to push me and challenge me."

23:10 Finding yourself and getting out of a relationship that wasn't right

28:19 Resiliency and how it affects different people

29:00 Jessie shares about "thriving" stands out to her

34:00 Kristen shares about her experience with a hidden disability

46:11 Kristen shares about the kindness comes from a place of surviving the tough stuff

46:31: Jessica shares about her attraction to people in need

57:03 How horses provide calm...

1:01:00 COVID and how life doesn't stop on the farm... "emotionally though this is weird."