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Audio Essentials with Filmmaker Kevin Elliot - Part 1
Episode 8714th July 2021 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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“Music has been a part of my life for my whole life and I didn’t realize that most kids don’t grow up with that kind of music exposure.”

Kevin Elliot

Filmmakers who understand sound and why sound is essential to their production are a favorite topic on the Audio Branding Podcast. Today's guest is the co-founder and lead producer for Wewa Films, a company specializing in heartfelt, cinematic video stories. In addition to being co-founder of Wewa Films, he's also a college professor, teaching public relations writing, persuasion, and public speaking at Florida State University. He's produced videos nationwide for high-profile clients, including McDonald's, the Federal Highway Administration, Florida's Great Northwest, and the Children's Advocacy Center. In addition to video, Kevin also creates written content and has published articles for The Washington Post, Desktop Documentaries, Business Energy Magazine, and Public Roads.

Settle back with your drink of choice and find out what makes a good film company a great film company!

Why Audio is as Important as Visuals in Filmmaking

“The audio is easily, equally as important as the video in filmmaking,” says Kevin. His earliest memories of sound made a strong impression on him as a child, listening to his dad’s sermons.

His father was a minister in the Air Force, better known as a Chaplain, and he remembers hearing his father “professionally speaking once a week” during his sermons. While his dad was talking, his words would be backed up by music. Whether it was the choir or instrumentals, he remembers having exposure to many different sounds. “The overlay and interplay of voice gives certain effects to the sound and it was fascinating.”

Raised as a “Music Kid”

Starting piano lessons at the age of eight, Kevin added learning to play music to his music appreciation repertoire. After piano, he practiced music in his school band starting in middle school and started college on a music scholarship from high school.

Listen in to find out how Kevin’s teaching background compliments his work, what Kevin promises clients from a marketing perspective, and which sound libraries Kevin uses for his client’s video music.

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