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108. Food Sovereignty, Community and Culture with Food Justice Advocate April Jones
Episode 1089th September 2022 • The Good Dirt: Sustainability Explained • Lady Farmer
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Our guest today is April Jones, founder of the Pinehurst farmer's market in Columbia, South Carolina and an advocate for the food justice and food sovereignty movement. 

April is a writer, a public speaker, a blogger, a recipe developer book reviewer, and is passionate about community gardens and farmer's markets. She contributes content to her blog, Frolicking Americana, and to numerous publications, including Mother Earth News, Country Lore, The Natural Farmer, The Agrarian Trust, Cornucopia Institute, and Farmer's Market Coalition. April's work is in creating a resilient food system, farmer's markets and creating community change around food.

Some of the topics covered in this conversation include food apartheid as opposed to food justice and food sovereignty, the value of farmer's markets in community and culture, soil mitigation, bringing civility into our communities, and how food reflects value systems.

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Topics Covered:

  • Beginning of Pinehurst Farmer's Market
  • Food Apartheid/ food deserts
  • Food Justice and Food Sovereignty
  • How the farmer's market benefits the community
  • Farmer's Markets as a reflection of local culture
  • Soil mitigation
  • Bringing resources to communities
  • Educating for food sovereignty
  • Civility in our communities
  • Value systems reflected through food

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