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The Road of Empowerment with Sonia Escamilla
Episode 322nd March 2021 • Our Roots Say That We're Sisters • Marquette University
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In this episode our host Sheena Carey talks to Sonia Escamilla, Assistant Director of Inclusive Programs at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. Sonia is a Latina woman and a Marquette University Master of Education graduate. 

Episode Highlights: 

02:00 – I moved around a lot, probably 20 plus times and had attended about 15 different schools.

08:15 – There were definitely moments during my undergraduate career, and my graduate and my master’s career, where I really considered leaving Marquette, and it wasn’t because of those women, for sure. 

09:10 – In my mind, at that point of the time, education was the only way for me to move up in this society.

18:36 – It is tough, and by no means was this journey easy, but it’s worth it and I hope that my community people, people like me will step out of their comfort zone and continue achieving their goals, because it is possible. 


01:15 - What is the story you’d like to share with us today? – I grew up in a low income, single parent home, and I’m the youngest of four.

05:10 - How does your identity influence the choices that you’ve made? – it is no secret that women are underrepresented in STEM, let alone women of color, so doing my bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences it was never just for me, it was always for the bigger purpose.  

06:30 - How does the theme of the mural project resonate for you? – It resonates deeply. – It is so empowering. 

07:20 – What has been Marquette's impact on the lives of women of color? – I do not want to say Marquette as a whole, but I think there’s definitely women of color at Marquette that do their job well, they do their job amazing, they go above the extra mile…

08:35 – Why did you choose Marquette? – EOP (Educational Opportunity Program).

10:05 – Are there women of color outside of Marquette that serve as inspiration for you? – My family - my mom, my sister; my friends…

11:00 - What role has vulnerability played in your own story? – There were times I felt like I had to be strong, independent. - It helped me step out of my comfort zone and really grow as a person.  

13:46 - What impact do you hope to have on women of color? – I hope women of color always choose the road of empowerment.

16:02 - What are your hopes for the future? – I’d like to go back to school one day, and get a doctorate degree.

Contact information:

Jacki Black

pronouns: she/her/hers

Associate Director for Hispanic Initiatives

Marquette University

454 Zilber Hall | PO Box 1881 | Milwaukee, WI 53201



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