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Holistic Business Matters - Helen Harding EPISODE 32, 24th September 2020
How to stop feeling like an imposter
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How to stop feeling like an imposter

It was the morning of my book launch and I started to feel like an imposter. Concerned that at any moment, someone will see straight through me. Who am I to write a book???

It's not the first time I've felt like an imposter - I kept myself hidden for years. I was always the person in the background, making sure everything worked - that was my comfort zone.

By playing small, I sabotaged myself and my success and starting my own business meant I had to step out of the shadows.

I've noticed every time I step out of my comfort zone, this demon pops up. It tests me to see if it can throw me off track and it's when I need to do some of the inner work on myself.

Working in personal development, this issue haunts so many of my clients, especially women. Maybe they' more open about it, but feeling like an imposter isn't fun!

Even the successful, rich and famous who appear to be in complete control on the surface, can feel like frauds.

  • (02:44) What is imposter syndrome?
  • (03:00) Signs of imposter syndrome
  • (04:13) You're not alone
  • (05:20) Things you can do to stop imposter syndrome
  • (06:25) Talk it through
  • (06:50) Make a decision
  • (07:41) Appreciate what you've achieved
  • (08:27) Take action
  • (09:17) Change your focus
  • (09:48) Get help
  • (10:12) Your Holistic Business Recipe is now available

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