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how to get to maintenance mode with your decluttering
28th February 2023 • Motherhood Simplified • Krista Lockwood
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Today's episode is knowing the signs of what decluttering in maintenance mode looks like. In Decluttering Simplified you figure out what this looks like for you so you can recognize it and work toward it.

How is your time spent differently? How do you feel? Etc. And then we set up measurable milestones

But once those start to happen for you, how do you stay there?

Maintenance mode for me looks like being able to pick up at the end of the night and not fall behind on things like laundry, dishes and also being able to do the thigs that matter to me - cooking, budgeting, time on myself etc.

Once I notice those things slipping I know that it's time to declutter again.

Use Decluttering Simplified to get to, and then maintain your clutter free home!

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