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How I Secure My Family's Success
Episode 410th June 2024 • Modern Wealth Management • Darrick Hutchens and Ray Kramer
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On the latest episode of our podcast, Darrick opens up about the comprehensive financial plan he's built to ensure his family's long-term stability and prosperity. Darrick shares the inner-workings of the comprehensive financial plan he built to ensure his family's long-term stability and prosperity.

Discover how he balances risk and maximizes growth through savvy investment strategies, secures his family's legacy with meticulous estate planning, optimizes tax efficiency, and incorporates meaningful charitable contributions.

Whether you're looking to refine your own financial plan or a specific area of it, this episode is packed with valuable insights and actionable advice to help you secure your family's future.


0:00 - Introduction and overview on the day's conversation

1:34 - Why Darrick wanted to allow the audience to 'peek behind the curtain' of his financial plan

3:10 - Wealth management is a formula

6:31 - Darrick's investment planning efforts

7:35 - Darrick's 'why' and the impact his children has on his financial world

11:17 - Cash flow strategy for accumulation

13:15 - Leveraging Flourish as a helpful tool to earn interest on cash

19:40 - "Invest within a program I can live with"

24:40 - Leveraging a strategy with real-world results through good and bad times

26:22 - Darrick's traditional investment partners

28:28 - How Darrick's financial world combats taxes

33:25 - Real estate investment opportunities and using them to lower his tax bill

36:53 - Wrapping your arms around your wealth using a thorough wealth protection plan

44:29 - Where to begin when addressing your estate plan

49:39 - Darrick's scary moment surrounding his older estate planning efforts

53:15 - Darrick's key takeaways

55:50 - How to get in touch with Darrick and his team

57:15 - Closing remarks

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