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Creating Maximum Efficiency and Success in Your Practice
Episode 7621st September 2023 • Beyond Bitewings • Edwards & Associates, PC
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On this episode of Beyond Bitewings, we are joined by Kiera Dent, a dental practice consultant and host of The Dental A Team podcast. Kiera consults in over 100 dental offices nationwide, and tackles in-person dental office coaching. Her goal is to help clients achieve maximum success and efficiency.

Kiera and Ash talk about why it’s so important to create systems from processes, and why you should find one or two systems that will make the biggest impact on your practice. Plus, they discuss the best way to seek out experts in the industry. Kiera also offers advice about setting a clear vision for your team, and how to set up automation around tasks so the team can work more efficiently. 

Keira also talks about why it’s so crucial that dental practice owners know how to manage the business side of their practice by dedicating time to focusing on the business and checking KPIs. She also recommends finding successful people to emulate and filtering through the noise to focus on one or two resources at a time. 

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