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Closing Arguments - Episode 7 (The Curious Case of the Hot Dog Man)
Episode 714th March 2022 • Closing Arguments • John Razumich
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In the latest installment of Closing Arguments, we bring you one of the most peculiar case studies that John Razumich has ever been involved in! With stab wounds, a lying prostitute and a wild courtroom trial, this episode is one you aren't going to miss.

Regarded as one of the more interesting cases throughout the Indianapolis area, John walks us through the intricate details and explains his vantage point on the case.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this can't-miss episode!


0:06 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the day

1:35 - Introducing The Curious Case of the Hot Dog Man!

5:02 - The crime that plays out in this case

9:50 - The investigation begins

19:18 - Building the defense around the Hot Dog Man

25:50 - Kadrovach begins feeding Jack and his team thoughts on the defense tactics

33:50 - The defense's case as they moved towards trial

41:49 - Kadrovach paying a prostitute to give false alibi

49:33 - The optics within the trial were not helping Kadrovach

54:09 - The aftermath of the trial

1:02:39 - Where is the Hot Dog Man today?

1:05:20 - How to get in touch with John for representation

1:06:46 - Closing remarks

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