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Soulful Listening with Terri Lonowski
Episode 2320th January 2022 • In The Lead: Leadership for Everyday People • Jennifer Tsang
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In this episode of the In the Lead Show, I had the pleasure of talking to Terri Lonowski, M.Ed., who is Founder of Soulful Listening™, a TEDx Speaker and an accomplished Thought Leader, whose body of work in evolutionary communication is timely, impactful, and deeply relevant.

Inspired by her Grandma Helga, and through insights gained as Chair of the American Counseling Association Foundation (representing over 50,000 professional counselors), along with other significant professional contributions, she created an easily repeatable holistic approach for communicating on a deeper, more meaningful level. The five elements of Soulful Listening™ provide a roadmap to connecting in a way that leaves others feeling heard, deeply. Terri has had the honor of leading national Human Centered Design teams, which embraced empathy and Design Thinking, to showcase workforce innovations at The White House not once, but twice.

She’ll take you on an engaging ride through inspiring stories and leave you with actionable steps to embody in your own life, both at work and at home.

I hope that you find this conversation as inspiring as I did & find ways to use the Soulful Listening roadmap to a better leader of yourself and others.

Jennifer Tsang is an ICF Leadership Coach who partners with executives, leaders & everyday people to build more consciousness into how they lead their teams and most importantly, themselves. She believes that leadership is an inside out approach. As someone who has worked on her own personal development and self-leadership for over 15 years, she started her coaching practice in 2020 to help others discover how to lead themselves and grow professionally and personally. Today, Jennifer offers a wide variety of programs and services – from individual coaching, to group and team coaching and facilitated group conversations.

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