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[What's My Story] Adrian Salisbury
Episode 1017th June 2021 • What's My Story • Robert Kennedy III
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Have you ever had a really good job? And it was going along just great. But you knew that there was something else; you knew that there was something more that really captured your attention, captured your passion, and drove you to that next phase of life. Where you can help others more, where you can transform the lives more. Have you ever felt that feeling?

What's In Store For You

Adrian Salisbury had a job - a great photography job. But something amazing happened to him, something shifted in his mind and he decided to go into the world of entrepreneurship and never ever look back.

How did he make that shift and turned all the challenges into success?

  • [03:29] Who is Adrian Salisbury and how does it feel when people recognize him?
  • [05:14] Where did Adrian start before being considered as the "face of eCamm"?
  • [06:28] How does one find their "groove"?
  • [09:17] Adrian has a job and he's enjoying it but he wanted something more; what were the struggles that he faced as he attempted to shift?
  • [13:38] How did Adrian navigate the uncertainty of financial stability in entrepreneurship and manage to provide for his family's needs?
  • [18:59] Aside from hard work and perseverance, Adrian has experienced several positive coincidences that helped his business to boost. How will he advise budding entrepreneurs on what step to take when things are unclear?
  • [22:19] How do you show up and present yourself if things are unclear?
  • [24:30] Does how you present your course online matter more than the content?
  • [26:52] How does a content creator decide when they need to spend on better yet more expensive equipment?


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