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AI in Cardiovasular Disease Diagnosis & Treatment with Ramin Mousavi of Cathworks
Episode 1718th April 2024 • Unlocking The AI Advantage • Ramesh Dontha
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking most industries by storm, and it has significantly impacted the health industry. As medical science advances, the role of AI in healthcare is growing, allowing practitioners to deliver higher-quality service and make patient care more efficient. 

Today’s applications of AI in healthcare are already driving positive impacts on health systems. One example is the FFRangio System from CathWorks, which combines artificial intelligence and advanced computational science to obtain physiologic information from routine angiograms and better inform treatment decisions.

How did CathWorks develop this system? What drives the founders of CathWorks to venture into technology and healthcare? Ramesh chats with Ramin Mousavi to discover how he did it. 

Ramin is the CEO and a board member of CathWorks, a global leader in digital health innovation focused on helping patients with cardiovascular disease.

A rising star in the medical device industry, Ramin has executive leadership and operational experience in general management, marketing, strategy, product development, and commercialization across multiple market segments. He served as the Vice President of Global Marketing and Strategy and the Chief Marketing Officer of the company from 2019 to 2020.

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In This Episode:

- Why does CathWorks exist?

- How did the idea for the FFRangio System originate?

- CathWorks and Medtronic strategic partnership

- What inspired the founding team of CathWorks?

- From stable employment to startup venture

- The importance of perseverance and resilience in life and business

- What's next for CathWorks and Ramin Mousavi?

And more!

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