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Bosch Fawstin on Rushdie, Paludan, and Freedom of Expression
Episode 552nd September 2022 • The Secular Foxhole • Blair Schofield and Martin Lindeskog
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With today's returning guest, cartoonist Bosch Fawstin, we cover how crucial the freedom of expression is and how it's being all but wiped out of men's minds. Especially here in America. This talk is not your normal blather about ideas, but a hard-hitting 'truth to power' episode. Listener beware.

Martin is ending the show with a shout-out to Mere Mortals podcast and thank-you note to Kyrin Down for his boostagrams. The Secular Foxhole podcast is entering its third year of production.

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Episode 55 (54 minutes) was recorded at 2200 Central European Time, on August 26, 2022, with Ringr app.. Martin did the editing and post-production with the podcast maker, Alitu

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