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Episode 393 – Somebody Said Fair Warning, Lord Strike That Poor Boy Down
Episode 3935th September 2022 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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Eric Senich from the Van Halen News Desk and Booked On Rock is back. We talk pets, pet insurance, Sammy working with ghosts, Eric’s dad, Heard/Depp, Sammy and the Circle, the band Bonham, and on to the main event: Van Halen’s Fair Warning! Where do we stand on the album? Just where did that album cover come from? We break this album completely down and rate each track. What context was there when this was released and why it didn’t sell as well when originally released? What does it have to do with Blondie’s Rapture? And just what is the cat’s ass? Let’s break down the album, song by song!

Part One gets us through Side A of Fair Warning. Be back next week for Side B. In the meantime, also check out Eric Senich at two of his homes:

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