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Womenpreneur Success - Smita Singh 23rd October 2015
LinkedIn Power Tips to Build Meaningful Connections with Anne Pryor
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LinkedIn Power Tips to Build Meaningful Connections with Anne Pryor

Anne Pryor

Anne is a connector and a certified online brand strategist, LinkedIn expert, career coach, Jewelry Designer- Lovitude, Nordic Walker, soul painter and she is a specialist in leveraging social media tools to help clients Look Great, Be Found, Get Known and make meaningful business connections to achieve success. 

How do you connect with people online?
  • Access what kind of people they are.
  • TUGS- Takers, Users, Givers, Sharers
  • Are they sending you a personal message on LinkedIn? Or, is it an automated message?
  • A personal message increases the Like, Know and Trust Factor
  • Send a personal message back- "Hey thanks for the invitation to connect. I see you have a fab blog, may I ask what did you have in mind that I can support you with today? Be well my new friend. Phone number underneath. 
  • Give virtual hugs
  • When you send out a personal message- For Anne, there is 98% response rate and 56% of business relationships. 
How do you find the right kind of clients through LinkedIn?
  • If you set it up correctly, LinkedIn is the most effective connecting tool.
  • Identity - Branded company page. Make sure to have a company page that you can link to your personal page.
  • Find the right Networks/connections (the right hubs.

                            - Company Page

                            - Connections -  who are the tribes that you                                                     want to connect with.

                            - Knowledge/ thought leadership - LinkedIn                                                  drives more traffic to B2B blog sites than                                                    any other site

  • Do you know yourself? Ask yourself. Build a LinkedIn story that will help people connect with you


Answer these questions to create an effective LinkedIn profile

  • Put a logo/banner image that will represent your brand.
LinkedIn is a flashing digital billboard not a static billboard
  • Change up your industry as a hub to do prospecting
  • Think about the next week and who is it that you want to work with
  • Change your professional headline based on your target market. 
Once you connect, what are the next steps?
  • Once you connect
  • Send an Email
  • Send them a free tip
  • Give away something
  • 3 touch points- Follow on twitter, accept the connect and look at their profile, respond with a comment or article, or a blog you have
  • Don't sell them anything, lift them up
Set your settings on LinkedIn-
  • Hide the breadcrumbs when you are researching
  • Check out their profiles
  • People want to connect with you because of you
Re-purposing content on LinkedIn
  • 20% is own content and 80% of content is re shared and re posted.
  • Consistent and predictable in your brand
Lightning Round
What trophy would you want on your mantle?
The Shifter- help people see things differently
What is your guilty pleasure?
Chocolate chip cookies, dark chocolate salted caramels
What are you currently reading?
What is your one productivity tip?
What is your personal motto?
Lift someone up today
What would you do differently if you were given a chance?
Remove the word Fear from the vocabulary and replace it with Yes
Sharee Savage - Plumping company who had tremendous success with LinkedIn
Connect with Anne: 
On LinkedIn- Anne Pryor
On Twitter: Anne Pryor