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Real Life Weight Loss - Corey Little EPISODE 27, 27th March 2020
The Choice We All Face During Stressful Times
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The Choice We All Face During Stressful Times

Whenever stressful scary times hit, we’re always faced with a choice. Suddenly, even though we might not realize it, we're staring at a very important fork in the road. 

Let’s be honest … when the crap hits the fan and our brain is like a tornado of anxiety, fear, doubt, panic, and confusion, we usually just toss our nutrition, fitness, and weight loss goals out the window, right?

And just like that … you’re done. You’ve jumped ship. As people like to say, you “fell off the wagon.”

Now, please hear me … it DOESN’T have to be that way.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn ...

  • The choice we all face
  • Our typical default response
  • Where we go wrong with our thought process
  • And specifically how to make a better choice

You can do this. You just need to intentionally choose the right path.

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