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Unblocking Creativity - BONUS Coaching Call - Sam W | TSMP #021
Episode 21Bonus Episode28th September 2020 • The Successful Mentalist • The Successful Mentalist
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Have you ever faced any blocks to your creativity? Been stuck with 'writers block' or something stopping you from creating something new?

On today's episode of the podcast we are bringing to you something slightly different - we're sharing with you a PRIVATE 2:1 COACHING SESSION on this exact topic!

Sam came to us with some questions about overcoming his creative blocks and in this coaching session, we take a deep dive into why these blocks occur, how to overcome them and how to tackle them going forwards.

There is a LOT of information covered in this episode so you can download all of the information in a clear PDF on our website. Visit the episode page to download this FOR FREE:


  • Where to start when creating a routine/effect/idea/presentation etc.
  • Sam's Creativity Triad
  • Applying the Passion Cycle from the Flow Research Collective
  • Understanding the 4 Stages of Creativity
  • Tips to help induce more creativity
  • The problem with 'End Goals' as motivators
  • Understanding your real desires in a creative situation
  • Why you MUST keep your goals to yourself
  • Mindset shifting to prevent ALL FUTURE creative blocks


  • "Creativity is simply a muscle that you can train"
  • "Your books are there as a source of INFORMATION not INSPIRATION" (Timon Krause)
  • "If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them" (Jim Kwik)

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: