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Cultivating a Spiritual Practice with Love!
Episode 327th October 2022 • Mensimah's Round Table: Conversations with Women of Power and Grace • Dr. Mensimah Shabazz
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Spiritual Practice connects us to our Source and sustains us through our challenges.

Let us Journey on, putting one foot in front of the other!

 I love poetry! So I chose love and poetry for the theme to reflect on the various transformations we on or may still be on. It seems some of us are still going through some type of transformation, and there may be a myriad of changes that we have to come into alignment with to create balance. My change has aligned more with Pablo Neruda’s poem La Poesia (1975), in which he states that there comes a time in one’s life where one must yield to the soul’s yearnings and step into a path that fulfills a deeper longing.

It is natural that even when we are at this stage of development and fulfillment, we tend to overanalyze the choice(s) we have made when challenges appear. But taking a daring step towards being oneself has heart, and there is hope and inspiration in this phase of the journey.

We already possess, in the recesses of our minds and spirit, the skills, understanding, and love to accomplish that goal. So what has love got to do with this? My answer is everything!

It is through love that we find freedom and fulfillment. It is tangible and measurable. As we embrace our journeys of love, we are required to recognize our own power, presence, and our ability to make choices that cultivate the practice of unconditional love for all that we have been.


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