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Isolation as a Product manager
Episode 42nd August 2022 • Trying to Product • Parv Sondhi and Alex Cox
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Isolation as a product manager

One of the things about PMs is that we're sort of like, on an island. 

In this episode, Parv and Alex discuss how being a PM can be both enjoyable and taxing. Whether you like it or not, being a PM means you'll spend a lot of time working alone. We believe this is a worthwhile topic to discuss, especially concerning the present climate and the pandemic.

Tune in to listen to this and more!

Key Highlights

[1:00] Alex's thoughts on why working as a PM can be quite taxing given the current pandemic.

[O4:27] Cons of the PM role.

[06:55] Possible reasons why PM role is lonely 

[08:43] Breaking that barrier and lifting some of the issues around being lonely as a PM

[10:06] Most PMs work in isolation.

[12:02] Positives of working in isolation as a PM.

[14:14] How does one progress as a PM?

[15:52] PMs make tradeoffs.

[20:21] Isolation and the mental health of PM 

[23:20] Parv and Alex PM recollections

[27:00] Pair Product management

[28:14] Continuous feedback and iteration during PM Onboarding

[29:50] Having a PM buddy

Notable Quotes

  • “When we think about product managers, they are usually working with so many different people across the organization, you're constantly talking to like design, engineering, legal privacy, compliance, like so many different folks around. But somehow it can still be quite isolating to be a PM; it can be considered sometimes a lonely profession.”[02:00]
  • “I don't think in my career, I've ever seen a project with multiple PMs, it just that even normal work, a pm ratio on a team has like one to 10.” [02:52]
  • “Pm is a fantastic career path. For those who want to wear multiple hats. It's fun, it's engaging. “ [04:19]
  • “PMs have individual mandates that they're driving, and there's just a lack of overlap between roles and responsibilities.”[08:55]
  • “The biggest thing about PM in general, I think it's just making sure you have really solid relationships with the team, because your entire ability to get anything done ever is just solely based on your relationships with the team.” [16:03]
  • “And if you're facing an issue, most likely the other PMs would have also either faced it or might be facing it.”[24:00]


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