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Employee or Subcontractor: who should you hire?
Episode 1911th April 2024 • Eavesdrop on Us • Jessica Terzakis
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You're looking to grow your team! But who do you bring on? An employee? A subcontractor? Which makes the most sense for you and your business?

These are the questions we bring to the table for this week's episode.


  • Having a support team of professionals such as attorneys, insurance brokers, mentors, and bookkeepers is crucial for small business owners.
  • Clear communication and goal-setting are essential when working with subcontractors.
  • Subcontractors can bring flexibility and nimbleness to a business, allowing for quick decision-making and responsiveness.
  • Subcontractors are not just a stepping stone to hiring employees; they can be a long-term solution for business growth.
  • Business owners should consult with advisors, analyze their financials, and consider their specific needs before deciding whether to hire employees or subcontractors.

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