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Choosing Happy Podcast: Unravelling the Happiness Audit- Part 1
Episode 5530th January 2024 • Choosing Happy • Heather Masters
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Choosing Happy Podcast: Unravelling the Happiness Audit

Have you stopped to check in on your true level of happiness, success and satisfaction with your life?

In this episode, host Heather Masters introduces the concept of a 'Happiness Audit', encouraging listeners to deeply evaluate and reconsider their definitions of happiness, success, and satisfaction or fulfilment.

Using the Wheel of Life, a coaching tool split into sections representing different life areas, listeners are guided to rate their satisfaction levels and reflect on the meanings they attach to these areas.

Heather also highlights the importance of personal meaning, suggesting that a change in perception can significantly impact personal responses and life outcomes.

Avoiding comparison with others and evaluating personal growth is also encouraged.

This episode is positioned as an introduction to the Happiness Audit concept, with more detailed explorations anticipated in future episodes.


00:00 Introduction to the Happiness Audit

01:28 Understanding the Wheel of Life

02:27 Defining Happiness, Success, and Satisfaction

02:39 Creating Your Personal Wheel of Life

05:08 Exploring Your Definition of Success

06:53 Unpacking Your Personal Happiness

08:01 Finding Satisfaction and Fulfilment

10:42 Revisiting Your Wheel of Life Results

11:13 Redefining Success and Happiness

14:43 The Power of Meaning in Your Life

16:53 Avoiding the Pitfall of Comparison

17:46 Wrapping Up and Next Steps

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Heather Masters

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