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Self-Care for your Spirit
Episode 1329th October 2019 • The Ultimate Journey of Self-Care • Alison Katschkowsky
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Today’s episode continues a monthly focus on the different aspects of Self Care, and we continue with a what is probably the MOST FUN one--Self Care for your Spirit. 

Many people confuse anything related to spirit and soul with religion--and it doesn’t have to be. Having strategies to help nourish our soul and spirit are not just good for our mental and emotional health, but it helps connect us to our true self MORE--and something bigger than ourselves.

Spiritual care can be anything that help you get ‘more in touch’ with your true self, what you want, and where you are headed. In today’s busy fast paced life--this is something that everyone needs MORE of! Tune in today for some cool tips on how you can find ways to nourish your soul and spirit--and in turn--get that much needed reset right from your home base!

Like the rest of our self care. When we take time for us to reconnect to out inner selves, we show up better in all areas of our life. This is what we teach on our retreats! In today’s episode, I share several tips on how you can accomplish self care for your soul. I’d love to hear your feedback!

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