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The Art of Transition: How Eric and Joy Rose Successfully Took Over a Restaurant | Ep. 23
Episode 239th January 2024 • Before You Buy or Sell a Business • Jared W. Johnson
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In this episode of Before You Buy or Sell a Business, Eric and Joy Rose share their journey of buying a sushi restaurant in Salt Lake City. They discuss their backgrounds, including their experience working for the federal government and living overseas. They explain how they decided to buy a restaurant and why they chose a sushi restaurant. They also talk about the negotiation process and the challenges they faced in securing financing. Despite the obstacles, they were able to successfully close the deal and are now running the restaurant.

About The Guest(s):

Eric and Joy Rose are the owners of a sushi restaurant in Salt Lake City. Eric has a background in international relations and Russian language, and has worked for the federal government for nearly 20 years. Joy has a background in humanities and English secondary education, and is a licensed acupuncturist.

Key Takeaways:

  • Eric and Joy had a desire to own their own business and found a sushi restaurant that aligned with their interests.
  • They had to navigate the negotiation process and secure financing to purchase the restaurant.
  • The seller was willing to work with them to restructure the deal and make it more favorable for both parties.
  • Building relationships and trust with the seller and the staff was crucial in the transition process.


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