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The Travelers Blueprint - Bob DiMenna and Elliot Shibley EPISODE 124, 8th February 2021
TTB 124: Photographing Cultures in Transition

TTB 124: Photographing Cultures in Transition

Nikola Kostic, born in Serbia, has lived in Indonesia for the past 20 years. He has a passion for photography with a strong fascination for cultures in transition. With the islands of the Indonesian archipelago, and the vibrant countries of southeast Asia at his doorstep he’s never short of inspiration, and spends much of my time on the road (and on the ocean) capturing the magic of life through a series of fleeting moments.

Inside the Episode:

  • (07:58): Nikola starts us off with his experience during the conflict in the Balkans.
  • (11:13): We make the transition to Nikola’s introduction to photography. 
  • (21:08): Nikola shared some profound moments from his travels and photography that helped shape his philosophy on the world. With an eye for the  individual, Nikola looks for “symbols”. 
  • (34:20): Elliot brings up the Monoliths discovered throughout the world in late 2020. This then brings us into a discussion on ancient civilizations. 
  • (36:39): The conversation transitions to the cultural diversity and political climate of the United States and its impact on the world. 
  • (43:16): Elliot brings up the banana duct taped to a wall..”art”.
  • (46:00): We discuss Nikolas's experience as a photographer in Bali. 
  • (59:52): Nikola tells us about his twelve part travel guides!
  • (01:00:00): Nikola tells us an epic story about his experience photographing a volcanic eruption in Indonesia. Throughout his life, he’s found himself in some incredible situations, including scuba diving with Hammerhead Sharks, the transition of Bali from an undeveloped island into a mega resort-type destination, to living in Serbia during the Balkan Wars of the 90s. 

Learn More About Our Guest:

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