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E53 - It's Never Too Late - Guest Fernando Torres
4th December 2023 • Prisoner's Pardon • Michi J
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Episode 53: Shownotes

Episode 53: It’s Never Too Late  


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What does transformation look like when you get locked up for years with no hope of getting out? Listen to the inspiring story of Fernando Torres, a convict who was involved in a life of crime but turned his life around after knowing the power of Jesus Christ. Fernando tells how he lived a life of violent crime but decided to adopt a positive mindset which helped him to go through a new learning experience including earning Adult Basic Education, GDE alongside a degree. Fernando’s story is a reminder for all of us that no matter our current situations, we need to learn from our experiences and strive to become better. 

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Here’s the timestamps for the episode:

00:00 Introduction to Fernando’s story and early life of crime 

07:56 Experience in the prison system and coping 

09:15 More crime, and violence while behind bars 

18:14 Understanding how the prison system works and rules 

24:43 Consequences of breaking the law 

35:44 Getting out, relationships, and becoming a better version of yourself 

43:57 Becoming exposed to lost memories and societal values 

44:10 Conclusion: Lessons for all of us and transformation



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