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Why I won't give you product recommendations or links
19th January 2021 • Motherhood Simplified • Krista Lockwood
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1. The point of Motherhood Simplified and my work is to help you declutter. I can't in good conscience give enable to you get more stuff, especially if you haven't yet decluttered.

2. There isn't a single thing I own that will change your life. Nothing I can sell you, other than my course would be aligned with the value I want to give you, and the way I seek to serve inside Motherhood Simplified. 

3. We are surrounded by quick fixes, and band-aid solutions, and distractions from the root issue and work that needs to be done. Sharing links or products I have take away from the bigger vision I have which is to help you master your home, and what is in it. 

4. I am here to actually support you, and yes, I am a business and profit is essential for me as a business and mother, but I won't do it at your expense. When you purchase a course from me I know it benefits you in the short and long term, and will save you time, energy and money and will give you your motherhood back .

5. I know that when you declutter you stop caring what others have and are only concerned about what you have. You stop seeking lists of toys, gadgets, and IKEA hacks. You get hyper focused on you and your home, and what's in it and not only know, but believe you know exactly what serves your family and what doesn't. What I have, isn't necessarily what you need. 

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