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The Process Of Being Reborn | Follow The Wolf Podcast
14th October 2021 • Follow The Wolf Podcast • Wolf Castillo
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I recently had the incredible pleasure of traveling to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho to facilitate a number of workshops at a retreat hosted by my dear friends & soul sisters Sonja & Lauren McFarlane. The name of the retreat was rebEARTH and it was based around the elements of Air. Water, Fire, & Earth. The name of the event was fitting as it felt like I - and I'm sure everyone - was being REBORN.

Check out my first solo podcast where I share the WILD experiences and lessons that came from:

  • Leading my first group Breathwork & Cold Immersion experience
  • Ecstatic dance art that we created with our bodies and pastels
  • My first time taking ceremonial Hapé

Peace and Love be with you :)


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