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Ep19 - Marketing or Branding, Chicken or Egg?
Episode 1928th May 2019 • The RK3 Show • Robert Kennedy III
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Pam Perry is a marketing/branding expert

She’s a PR rockstar from Detroit whose clients have been featured on CNN, TVN, Word Network, Radio One, Oprah Magazine, Tom Joyner, Essence, Ebony, Black Enterprise, PBS, and a whole host of other major media outlets. Aside from this, she helps churches and faith-based businesses with their marketing.

What’s In Store For You

  • [04:36] Pam believes she was born to do PR.
  • [04:56] She shares her first experience in doing PR work – as a teenager.
  • [06:52] What should churches know about the “marketing game”?
  • [07:48] “You’ve got to do the old school with the new school”
  • [08:54] What are the differences between Marketing and Branding?
  • [10:06] Pam shares a few steps to take in order to market your brand
  • [11:56] How her company, Ministry Marketing Solutions, came about
  • [13:06] How can your “personal story” build your “brand”?
  • [14:44] Who is your target audience and how to customize your brand around it?
  • [16:07] Targeted marketing vs. Broadcasting – which is more effective?
  • [16:32] Leverage local vs. pitching national firms
  • [17:46] Why did Pam start the “Speakers Magazine” specifically for African-American speakers?
  • [18:57] Pam gives us more background about the Branding Accelerator Program and how it can immensely help speakers

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