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Respect And What It Looks Like
Episode 1739th January 2024 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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In this episode, Mark discusses the core of every man's desire – respect. Drawing inspiration from the iconic song "Respect," he explores how self-respect forms the foundation for earning respect from others, especially in relationships. Mark shares personal anecdotes, emphasizing the pivotal role of boundaries, self-care, and emotional healing in garnering the respect every man craves. He also challenges you to confront your own disempowerment, urging you to take ownership, lead with conviction, and transform into an empowered man.

Episode Summary:

  • Self-respect and its impact on relationships. 0:03
  • Mark Santiago discusses the importance of respect in relationships.
  • Mark identifies lack of self-respect as the root cause of disrespect in relationships.
  • Self-respect and empowerment in marriage. 3:09
  • Mark discusses how some men don't value themselves in their marriage, leading to them not setting boundaries and allowing their partner to cheat.
  • The importance of taking care of emotional wounds and setting boundaries to move forward in a healthy relationship.
  • Mark argues that men are hardwired to feel respected and that disrespect can lead to disempowerment and fighting.
  • Mark believes that men should focus on respecting themselves rather than blaming their partners for disrespect.
  • Self-respect and empowerment in relationships. 8:11
  • Respect yourself, act like a man, and earn respect from others.
  • Men often act like children when they should be acting like adults, disrespecting themselves and their potential.
  • Mark encourages men to respect themselves and take ownership of their lives to change the dynamic of disrespect and empower themselves.
  • Personal growth and taking ownership of one's life. 11:49
  • Lack of leadership, vision, and proactiveness can lead to disrespect in marriage.
  • Mark emphasizes the importance of taking ownership of one's life and circumstances to overcome victim mentality and achieve personal growth.
  • Empowerment and self-respect in relationships. 15:03
  • Mark emphasizes the importance of self-respect and empowerment in personal growth, particularly in the context of a difficult divorce.
  • Mark encourages others to take ownership of their actions and decisions, rather than blaming others or feeling disrespected.
  • Mark shares his personal journey of transforming from a "disempowered" man to an "empowered" one through self-reflection, emotional healing, and taking decisive action.
  • Mark thanks listeners for tuning in and encourages them to visit earlier episodes of the podcast and join the Empowered Man group for further support.

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