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Has online learning given Stem subjects a new lease of life? | Sponsored
Bonus Episode18th October 2021 • Tes News • Tes
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In recent years STEM education has struggled to attract enough new teachers and has failed to appeal to a diverse range of students. But with the increased use of technology in schools, and the new found prominence of scientists and engineers brought about by the pandemic, could a career in STEM have taken on a new appeal?

In this podcast two Stem specialists talk about why these subjects have previously struggled to resonate with learners and explain what the last 18 months, and the surge in the use of technology, has done to the way they approach their lessons.

This bonus episode features Kemi Oloyede, a science teacher based in Dubai and founder of the Young Black Teachers Network, and Kimberley Elms, principal at Livingstone Academy, Bournemouth. The two teachers are speaking to Tes senior editor, Simon Lock.

This podcast is sponsored by BBC Bitesize. BBC Bitesize are launching more than 100 new guides linked to the key stage 3 curriculum, covering English, history, geography, biology, chemistry and physics. They are designed to support students progress through their key stage three journey. You can find more at and click on secondary.