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The Render Podcast - Cam Petty Palmer EPISODE 66, 7th July 2021
Advice Column for Rental Pros
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Advice Column for Rental Pros

This week Cam is reading your submissions and giving her best advice! She shares how to price inventory, hire employees, and even gives her advice on pivotal ways to grow your business.

Here is a sneak peek of what this episode consists of:

[2:05] Q - Pricing

[9:44] Q - Hiring Employees

[16:26] Q - Selling your Rental Biz and getting a fair price

[24:50] Q - Keeping rentals in top shape! 

[26:50] Q - Pivotal points that resulted in growth

[29:23] Q - When to talk budget

Episode 41 - Rental Fees you Should be Charging

Episode 55 - How to Hire Quality Team Members

Send in your questions to info@therender.co for our next advice column!